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Only 38 Officers Compulsorily Retired - Nigerian Army

A new statement issued by the Acting Director of Army Public Relations, Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman, today shed more light on the retirement of senior military officers on Friday. The statement said the attention of the Nigerian Army has been drawn to speculations and rumours regarding the number and names of the senior Army officers affected in the recent retirement exercise.

The statement emphasised that it is worrisome as some individuals and media organisations went to the ridiculous extent of publishing outrageous figures and names of serving officers as being retired.
It added that the act is unethical and unfair, thus, it is, therefore, necessary to inform members of the public to please disregard such inaccurate lists.



Below is an excerpt of the statement:

"We wish to state that only 38 senior officers were affected by the retirement exercise. For the avoidance of doubt, the following is the statistics of the officers retired compulsorily - nine Major-Generals, 10 Brigadier-Generals, seven Colonels, 11 Lieutenant Colonels and one Major.

"We are quite aware that some mischievous elements are trying to whip up sentiments. This is quite unfortunate because all the affected officers were retired based on 'service exigencies' and in line with the Armed Forces Act, CAP A20 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004.

"It is pertinent to remind all that the Nigerian Army is a professional institution, which is based on highest standards of discipline and conduct. Consequently, its personnel must remain professional, neutral and apolitical at all times."

1. Maj Gen FO Alli
2. Maj Gen IN Ijeoma
3. Maj Gen TC Ude
4. Maj Gen Wiwa 
5. Maj Gen MY Ibrahim
6. Maj Gen SD Aliyu
7. Maj Gen Ejemai
8. Maj Gen EJ Atewe
9. Brig Gen LM Bello
10. Brig Gen KI Essien
11. Brig Gen Lawson
12. Brig Gen B Fibionumama 
13. Brig Gen DM Onoyivetta
14. Brig Gen ASH Saad
15. Brig Gen IO Agachi 
16. Brig Gen D Abdussalam
17. Brig Gen Onibasa
18. Brig Gen Mormoni-Bashir
19. Col Ekpenyong
20. Col FD Kayode
21. Col DR Hassan
22. Col MA Suleiman
23. Col OU Nwankwo
24. Col Bright Minimah
25. Col Ashinze
26. Lt Col Adimoha 
27. Lt Col Ukoha
28. Lt Col AS Muhd
29. Lt Col A Muhd 
30. Lt Col Dazang
31. Lt Col Arigbe 
32. Lt Col Baba-Ochankpa
33. Lt Col Egemode
34. Lt Col Amadi
35. Lt Col Enechukwu 
36. Lt Col Oladuntoye
37. Major AT Williams