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NDLF Denies JNDLF, Warns Niger Delta Avengers

Mark Anthony, the former spokesman of the defunct Niger Delta Liberation Force (NDLF), has warned the Niger Delta Avengers not to drag the group into what it called the group’s “selfish fight over lost contracts with the current Government.”

In a statement, it pledged its support for President Muhammadu Buhari, as it had President Goodluck Jonathan.

The NDLF spokesman drew attention to a fake militant group which styles itself as the Joint Niger Delta Liberation Force (JNDLF), which purports to be fighting for Niger Delta, using the name of the NDLF to issue fake threats to shoot missiles and attack military formations and top government establishments, including Aso Rock.

“The leadership of the disbanded original NDLF has been receiving series of phone calls from both top security agencies, our family members and friends over the threats from the fake militant organization,” Mr. Anthony said.  “We want to categorically warn Niger Delta Avengers not to create fake emails by sending threats to the federal government, posing as late John Togo boys in order to drag us into their selfish fight over lost contracts with the current Government.”

Urging the government to disregard all the threats from the fake organization, the spokesman said that NDA is strategically trying to blackmail the NDLF because it has openly objected to the current bombings and the proposed Niger Delta Republic.

“We will support President Buhari just as we supported former President Jonathan,” the group said.

In a related statement on Sunday, the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) urged the NDA urge you to undertake a ceasefire and join MEND at the table of negotiation with the Federal Government.  It noted that as a group that had employed the violence option in the past, it is in a position to affirm that the Niger Delta struggle goes beyond attacks on oil installations.

It said: “If indeed your cause is to avenge the injustice done to the Niger Delta region; then, we urge you to ceasefire and join us to the table of negotiation with the Federal Government; otherwise, the Niger Delta struggle shall be hijacked, once again, by selfish interests for their own personal aggrandizement.” 


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