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Multinational Joint Task Force Claims Big Victories In Final Onslaught On Boko Haram

Since its launch, the statement added, Operation Gama Aiki has recorded appreciable operational successes and is still recording more in the frontlines.

The superior firepower of troops deployed for Operation Lafiya Dole, the code name of the crackdown on Boko Haram insurgents, has caused a huge number of the terrorists to flee their hideout in Sambisa Forest towards Lake Chad in the northern part of Borno State on the Nigerian/Niger Republic border.

This was disclosed in statement issued by Colonel Mohammed Dole, Chief Military Public Information Officer.

The massive dislodgement of the terrorists is a continuation of the concerted efforts to keep up with the mandate of ridding the Northeastern part of the country of the remnants of the Boko Haram terrorists. This has seen the headquarters of the Multinational Joint Task Force  (MNJTF) launch Operation Gama Aiki to complete the job of clearing all remnants of Boko Haram insurgents in its area of responsibility.

"This is aimed at ensuring that the terrorists are prevented from establishing other sanctuaries and hideouts in the Lake Chad region. Operation Gama Aiki involves the MNJTF troops and national air and ground forces from Nigeria, Chad, Cameroun and Niger," explained the statement.

Since its launch, the statement added, Operation Gama Aiki has recorded appreciable operational successes and is still recording more in the frontlines.

These took in some fierce encounters with the terrorists and complete clearing of insurgents from Doran Nairi, Faide-Jimba,  Yebi-Tasugia, Yebi-Jemi, Alli Kanori, Yebi Tumanba and Alagarno villages up to Doron Naira along Sector 3 (Nigeria) axis.

Similarly, Littri, Madayi and some villages on the Lake Chad Island along Sector 2 axis previously infested with insurgents, added the statement, have been successfully cleared by Sector 2 (Chad).

According to Colonel Dole, MNJTF troops, during these encounters, neutralized 31 terrorists, seized and destroyed large quantities of equipment as well as cache of arms and ammunition. Among the equipment captured are one Hilux van mounted with Shilka gun with 97 rounds of 21mm, 14 AK 47 rifles, four rocket propelled grenade bombs, six mortar bombs, two GPMG rifles, one HK 24 machine guns, one AKM machine gun and eight bandoliers.

The MNJTF, disclosed Dole, lost two soldiers, while 12 others were wounded. The wounded soldiers are currently receiving medical attention.

Speaking to troops of Sector 3 Baga at the Forward Edge of Battle Area (FEBA), MNJTF Commander, Major General Lamidi Adeosun, charged them to remain focused and determined to flush out remnants of insurgents from their area of responsibility. Adeosun was also quoted as appealing to the civil populace in the operational areas to continue to cooperating with the troops to ensure the final defeat of Boko Haram.  The commander also advised citizens living in border communities to be security conscious, keep an eye on fleeing terrorists and report all suspicious movements to the military and other security agencies within the area.