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‘Biafexit’ For Referendum On Biafra? Another Intellectual Nonsense! By Churchill Okonkwo

June 30, 2016

The coining of Biafexit is a clear indication that the “intellectuals" behind the pro-Biafran movement may be lacking a modicum of common sense.

By voicing myself too often on matters relating to my people Ndigbo, I risk sounding like a car alarm, so exigent and yet so familiar that residents no longer hear it. But by not speaking up often enough, we all risk turning the awful into the commonplace. The latest disgraceful invention is the plagiarized acronym “Biafexit”, following “Brexit” by a group confused Biafran ‘intellectuals’. The first time I saw this latest mockery, it struck me that the intellectual wing of the pro-Biafran movement is a confirmation of George Orwell words that, ‘some ideas are so thoughtless that only intellectuals believe them.'

The coining of Biafexit is a clear indication that the “intellectuals" behind the pro-Biafran movement may be lacking a modicum of common sense. You don’t have to upturn rocks to know that that brouhaha is an exercise in futility. Even then, the special danger in promoting such nonsense is that it will embolden the frustrated unemployed youths, and many followers of the seductive whisper of Biafran sovereignty to take to the streets once more in the name of “peaceful protest” for a referendum. We have all seen how such previous “peaceful protest” ended.

It is thus very unfortunate that in an attempt to remain relevant, appear chic and cause another blood bath across Igbo land, “intellectuals” that claim to be well informed and educated are ridiculing themselves in social media over the recent referendum in the UK on whether to stay or opt out of the EU.  Immediately when the yes vote won, the pro-Biafran intellectuals came up with something very stupid, hoping that it will get the uninformed in social media going, and it did. Ever since, the multiple hands of the restless spirits of confused ‘follow-follow’ Biafran-Internet-Soldiers have been prompting Biafexit. Apparently, they are still itching for more blood on the streets of Onitsha and Aba while hiding in their different safe havens. Soon, the touts on the streets will begin to receive this latest incoherent garbage that will climax in another round of mass suicide in our streets. And the circle of violence will continue.

Unfortunately, the intellectuals and their zombie soldiers spewing “Biafexit” on their keyboards do not understand the meaning, the implication, or the contradictions in relation to “Brexit.” I will not attempt to emphasize the difference between the exits of UK from EU and exit of Biafra from Nigeria. If you are unable to sort out the differences and similarities between UK vs EU and Nigeria vs Biafra, you need to hold yourself and your social studies teacher accountable. Also, if you have been so brainwashed to believe that the #“Biafexit” or the phantom cases at UN or whichever international courts will lead to a referendum without a grounded political game plan, see you pastor immediately. I will rather focus on the apocalyptic realities of Biafexit ignored by your intellectuals with the same level of reasoning as Donald Trump.

Apparently, what drove the leave campaign voters in UK was a combination of the anxiety about the local economy, anti-immigration sentiments and overbearing bureaucrats in Brussels. It was, however, xenophobia and politics of fear (in the last weeks before the vote) that the immigrants are grabbing jobs from locals that finally tilted the balance. In contrast it is you, the Biafrans, that are seen as economic migrants that are dominating the economies and businesses of your host cities. So, you will think that your Biafran intellectuals should have known this and opted for a “Biafmain.” But no, like Donald Trump, their goal is to brainwash you to believe that “Biafexit” will enable you take your “country” back.

While young British expressed fear and despair over the vote to leave EU and realized that the older generation have just ruined their future, it is the youths of Biafra that are hell bent on ruining their own future. Apparently, these Biafran youths are aware of what will happen to their shops and jobs in Lagos, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Benin, Asaba, Abuja, Warri, etc. after “Biafexit.”

Meanwhile, all these fake online news platforms are busy spreading misinformation about Biafra to a generation that is incapable of critical independent thought. After Biafexit, the reality of the fact that you have to renegotiate the fate of more than 45% of Biafrans, their jobs and business will hit you right in the face. You will also realize that Biafrans are the number one nomads in the world in relation to economic migrants. After Biafexit, you will realize that you are an endangered species that should have been agitation for Biafmain. But then, it will be too late and the cold winds of a serious economic downturn will be long and harsh.

Here are some additional realities that will hit you a day after Biafexit. First, you will have to import your heavy goods, first to the zoo and then to the land of the rising sun. Custom posts will spring up along Aba-Port Harcourt road, Niger Bridge, Ikot Ekpene-Aba Road, Obolo-Afor Nsukka Road, etc. with real military and immigration control check points. Reflect on what you are going through now, and then, imagine, just imagine what will happen when you have to first import goods as a foreigner to the zoo, before the treacherous inland journey to your back of the beyond where your Biafran custom officials will also show you pepper. That is one reality your intellectuals are not ready to talk about. Imagine what will happen when you have to pay import duties to bring in your tomatoes, yam and rice. 

The zoo you exited from can make it mandatory for foreigners (yes, that’s what you will automatically become) coming from the land of the rising sun to have visas. Good luck with the fees and charges. You can also begin to imagine what the leopards that are roaming free in the zoo will do with the container or goods you are trying to bring in from Apapa or PH port. If, as a citizen of the zoo, four miscreants (Alayes) is all it takes to force you to pay the land fee at Ladipo Market, imagine what they will do to you as a bloody migrant-economic parasite.

Faced with barrage of security operatives that are killing your youths on the streets and your insistence that you must free your people from slavery, you must make hard choices. Unfortunately, Biafexit is not one of such choices. So, Ndigbo, be vigilant before the gang of injudicious “Intellectuals” cause another blood bath and then, they will go and hide, re-strategize and come back out with another nonsensical notion in the name of struggle for sovereignty.

Here is what is troubling: I have seen some attorneys (some under the auspices of International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law) issuing press statements for these amorphous pro-Biafran movements; acting as the good governance arm; claiming to be meeting and articulating an agenda. And the best they can offer is Biafexit? I am now seriously wondering what you guys smoke before and during these strategy meetings. For a movement that is boasting of branches all over the world to be this visionless is troubling. Are you guys not worried that our youths are being killed on the streets because of your lack of political vision? What really is your political strategy? What is a realistic political game plan to at least have a say in the corridors of power?

You plagiarized Biafexit (fake artifact), but you ignorantly forgot to copy the master plan which was the political pressure within the Conservative Party and at the British Parliament that forced the British Prime Minister to promise the referendum. This is the 21st century guys! “Nzogbu Nzogbu, Enyimba Enyi, Nzogbu Enyimba Enyi” that worked in the early 1900s is not working and will not work!

Power, power, political power; a voice at the State Assemblies, State Houses; a voice at the House of Rep and Nigerian Senate; a scheme to grab political power is what the political wing of democratic non-violent independent movement needs as a starting point. Even Hamas has a powerful political wing. So, until I see some movement in this direction, I will continue to regard every promoter or sympathizer of the Biafran movement as a joker.

By the way ‘Biafexit’ is synonymous to politics of slander, prejudice, fear and hate. Is that what you guys are reducing my Biafra to?


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