Zainab Bukky Ajayi, a veteran Nollywood actress, died on Wednesday, 6th of July, 2016 at the age of 82, according to reports. Although the cause of her death is not known, reports have it that she must have died of a heart related illness.

Until her death, she had won many awards including the Industry Merit Award at the African Magic Viewer Choice Awards (AMVCA), where she was received with a standing ovation. She started her career in Nigeria as a newscaster on National Television Authority (NTA). ‘Mama Bukky Ajayi,’ as she was popularly called, appeared in Village Headmaster, a television series in the 70s. One of her popular movies is Thunderbolt.

She studied at the Institute of Drama in London. She was born into a Christian family but converted into Islam in the eighties; it was when she adopted Zainab. She will be remembered for her impeccable use of Queen’s English, her vivid interpretation of movie roles and of course, her very emotional speech at the AMVCA.

Nollywood actress Bukky Ajayi, dies at 82

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