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The Less Scandal-Prone Candidate Will Win In November By Wumi Akintide

July 6, 2016

Many more scandals and gaffes are going to come out on Donald Trump as we get closer and closer to November.

The statement above presumes that both Donald and Hillary as politicians are both prone to scandal and they both tell lies, exaggerate or shade the truth to look good when it suits their whims and caprices. I will be the first to admit that. Can any of you reading this point to any politician anywhere in the world who does not lie or shade the truth? You are going to come up short because all politicians are liars and they do so with a bold face, but the worse culprit in this election year is Donald Trump as I will prove with the remaining segments of this write-up.

Three major politicians in Britain have had to resign right now in Britain because they have all been caught in a big lie over the Referendum for Britain to leave the European Union. They are Mr. Farage, Mr. Boris Johnson and Mr. Corbin the Labor leader. They have all resigned because the British politicians still lead the whole world in knowing when to quit because they are far more decent and far more responsible than their counterparts in the United States. Now, we must go into specifics for the avoidance of doubt.

George Bush, when he was campaigning for the office in 1989, told Americans, “Read my lips, no new taxes.” Did he lie about that or not? Yes, he did. Dan Quale once compared himself to John F Kennedy and his fellow debater told him point blank that he was not a John Kennedy. Gerald Ford once made a claim that the Soviet Union did not dominate Eastern Europe and Poland. It was a lie that cost him his re-election in 1977. Bill Clinton once said, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman,” but he later admitted he did. George Bush the 43rd and Dick Cheney once claimed that Saddam Hussein had a stockpile of Nuclear weapons but the claim turned out to be a big lie that cost millions of lives and other collateral damages and more than 10 years of a needless war. Who says that politicians do not lie?

A lie is a lie whether big or small. That is why the Law everywhere in the world presumes that if you have ever lied before you can and will lie again if you have the chance. If you are therefore caught in a lie especially under oath, the Law assumes that you have committed a punishable felony. If lying is a disqualifier for public office, the great majority of public officials all over the world including politicians will not qualify because most politicians are pathological liars based on empirical evidence as I have just shown above.

I am making no exceptions - not even between the developed and the less developed countries of the world. The observation is even more apposite in much of the Third World where politicians know no better. Lying is almost a way of life for most politicians from the Third World. They not only lie. They steal and cheat and they get away with murder, so to speak.

I was born and raised in Akure, the state capital of Ondo State in Nigeria. Our people have a proverb which says, “Aseku l’Agba nseran” which simply means that the elderly among us have no reason to ever walk away from a lie.  If they lie, they must remain adamant in the lie, come rain or shine. Many of us as little children lied our ways out of trouble and we stood by our lies to the very end. You could say we learn how to lie from the cradle.

Adolf Hitler said, “Falsehood repeated over and over again is more often than not accepted as the truth, if the person telling the lies remains consistent and if he or she never waivers or walks away from the lie.” Many of us in some ways subscribe to the Adolf Hitler’s justification for lying. Additionally, Hitler claims that the lie can serve a useful purpose by creating some doubt in the minds of some people, even if many people do not believe the lie, to begin with.

The Holy Scriptures and the Koran enjoin Christians and Muslims to never lie. But do all Christians and Muslims ever observe those injunctions to the letter? The answer is a resounding “No.” Many Christians and Muslims I know repeatedly lie every day. Our Provincial Pastor at the Brooklyn International Chapel of the Redeem Christian Church of God in New York, Pastor Kunle Omotosho once  asked anyone in our Parish who has never told a lie in one week or one month in their life to stand up to be counted.

Only one or two could muster the courage to stand up. The two were probably lying if you check them out. Then Pastor Omotosho asked anyone who has never lied before to stand up, nobody stood up. The whole congregation could not find anyone to stand up because we have all lied one time or the other in our life journey. The Bible confirms that to be the truth in Romans 3:23 which reads, “We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” The majority of those sins start with not telling the truth. As a matter of fact, many of us lie every day, and some of us every hour out of 24 hours in a day.The habit of lying exists in the general society, and it is even worse with politicians who lie from both sides of their mouths.

So when the Republicans and Donald Trump say that Hillary is a liar and not trustworthy, it is like the pot calling the kettle black. Donald Trump should be the least qualified to ever accuse Hillary of lying because he himself is a greater liar than Hillary. How many times has Donald Trump lied? Probably more than a million times, if you paying attention like I do.

He once lied that Barack Obama was born in Kenya but managed to obtain a fake birth certificate from Hawaii. Can you believe that? He claimed he was self-funded but what he has done is to give a loan to his campaign that he can later claim back from donations to his campaign or write off in his annual tax returns. Up till tomorrow, he lies that he cannot submit his tax returns because he is currently going through an IRS Audit. The claim has proved to be a big lie. He does not want to submit his tax returns for public scrutiny because if he does so, that would be the end of his campaign for President.

If you think it is only in the Church or Mosque that people lie, you make a huge mistake. It is even more common in the American society where people lie every day about every aspect of their lives including their names and identity just to get undeserved or unmerited favors or entitlements from the Government.

The GOP’s averse reaction to the FBI Investigation on Hillary Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server during her time as secretary of state is, therefore, laughable. In their own opinion, the FBI has come to the wrong conclusion that even though 110 classified materials were found among the 30,000 emails Hillary voluntarily submitted to the FBI, they have found no sufficient evidence to formally charge Hillary for any criminality as they could not prove that she had any criminal intentions.

The Republicans in their rush to pass judgment have tried to say that General David Petraeus was found guilty of something less egregious than what Hillary has done. General David Petraeus had openly admitted that he knew the materials he was giving out to his mistress were classified, but he still gave them out, but Hillary never knew or admitted that the materials she was receiving or sending out were classified. That was the big difference between General Petraeus and Hillary Clinton. But the Republicans and Donald Trump wanted the two cases treated in the same way because they wanted Hillary disqualified by all means

So Hillary got away scot-free even though the report was a bit damning on the issue of whether or not she had exercised the best judgment as a top diplomat.

Hillary and her husband have dodged the political bullet one more time too many just like they did during the Monica Lewinsky scandal which the Republicans have tried to use to tarnish them. They encouraged Monica to produce the blue dress containing the semen just to nail Clinton but God saved the President in a miraculous way.

The charge had to be dismissed and the Clinton couple survived the impeachment ordeal. If Hillary had rushed to file a divorce against her husband as recommended by the Republicans, both herself and her husband would have been forced to resign in total ignominy just like Richard Nixon following the Watergate scandal.

Again, God was on their side. They survived another kangaroo persecution by the Republicans who hate the Clintons like poison. They are nervous about the prospect of the couple returning to the White House a second time in their lifetime. That is their nightmare.

The Republicans are going to lose again because the Yorubas say, “Asoro se bi nkan ti Olorun ko lowo si,” which means, as difficult to attain as something that God has not approved. The Clintons like the Obamas are the anointed of the Lord. If you lay your hands on them, you have yourself to blame. That is precisely what is happening in this case.

The Republicans and their nominee are going to lose big in November and they know it. American voters have already made up their minds about Hillary and her husband. There is no scandal the Republicans can conjure up now to stop them from regaining the White House. It is their destiny to become the first couple in American History to ever pull off such a feat. When the Bush family became the first or second family to elect a father and son President, many had predicted it was not going to happen, but it did. History is just about to repeat itself in America this November when America swears in its first female President in 240 years. It is a miracle and it is marvelous in our eyes.

The winner this year will be decided by which of the two candidates is less prone to scandal and political mistakes. I can tell you that candidate is Hillary. Many more scandals and gaffes are going to come out on Donald Trump as we get closer and closer to November. Trump is going to unravel and say something damn stupid as he gets more and more desperate and frustrated because he cannot handle failure or disappointment which every US President has to confront every day in the Oval Office.

Donald Trump is a con artist par excellence compared to Hillary and he lacks the experience, the judgment, and the temperament to be President of the United States and Leader of the Free World.

You can now tell from Donald Trump’s campaign that he has nothing substantive to talk about. American voters will realize that he is like the empty vessel that makes the loudest noise. He cannot withstand Hillary in a debate on the real issues that matter and he is not going to be allowed to insult his way to success like he did in his debate with the 16 candidates he drove into political oblivion. There is no way in the world Donald Trump is going to win in November. The handwriting on the wall is so clear.

I rest my case.