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Suicide Bombers Kill 9 In A Mosque In Damboa

At least 9 worshippers have been killed and dozens injured when a suspected Boko Haram terrorist struck a ‎Mosque in a Borno village early morning on Thursday, local vigilante said.
One of the suspected male suicide bombers who pretended to be worshipers maneuvered his ‎way into Mosque in Damboa town in southern part of Borno state, killing not fewer than 9 people while dozens sustained various degree of injuries.

A local vigilante leader in Damboa, who spoke to Saharareporters, said, the incidents occurred at about 5:45 am on Thursday morning when the Moslems gathered for early morning congregational prayers.

A second suicide bomber blew up himself outside of a bigger Mosque as guards prevented him from entering.

"A male bomber killed Moslems; we heard a loud explosion this morning during our early morning prayer before we (CJTF) got to the scene six people had died, and three others gave up the ghost later. We discovered that it was male suicide bomber that pretended as worshipers to detonate IEDs that killed the worshipers‎ in the Mosque at Damboa town," local vigilantes told SaharaReporters by phone from Damboa.

Damboa is some of 100 kilometers away from Maiduguri, the Borno State capital.