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Settlement Of Senate Forgery Case, Mockery of Judiciary, NCP Boss Says

Mr. Lawal called on the APC to stop taking Nigerians for granted in the way it handles national issues.

The National Vice Chairman of the National Conscience Party (NCP), Abdulwaheed Lawal, has warned the leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to stop 'playing god' in the affairs of the people of Nigeria, as such is dangerous and could portend doom for the party and its government.

Mr. Lawal called on the APC to stop taking Nigerians for granted in the way it handles national issues.

According to the NCP chieftain, the APC-led government has begun to behave as if emerging national issues with serious consequences on its programs and policies do not matter to other Nigerians.

Mr. Lawal, who spoke with journalists in Calabar, the Cross Rivers State capital, urged the APC to stop this trend.

During the interview on the state of the nation at the ongoing INEC workshop, Mr. Lawal said the APC was gradually having its hands full of cases of many unresolved national issues.

According to him, it is high time the APC takes decisive decisions and speaks on the dirty stories coming out of its caucus in the National Assembly for the sake of preserving Nigeria's image.

Mr. Lawal said it was discomforting to learn that the APC was about to trade away the ongoing forgery case against the leadership of the senate on the altar of the search for unity within its fold.

"If what is emanating from the National Assembly recently, both behind the door and out in the public glare, and the criminal silence of the APC as a party is anything to go by, then the APC is treading a dangerous path and will soon exhaust the collective goodwill of Nigerians which earned it the mandate freely given at the 2015 polls," he said.

"It is dangerous for the APC to sacrifice the forgery case for its unity. If the party does, it stands to lose face in the eyes of the world for being selfish while its corruption fight will suffer great setbacks. What is more corrupt than dumping a forgery case for the sake of party unity? 

“It is sad that rather than hit the ground running on assumption of governance of Nigeria and allow its policies to occupy the public space, the APC has consistently suffocated Nigerians with its dirty internal political wrangling and futile attempts to resolve them so far," Mr. Lawal stated.

The NCP South-West boss accused the leadership of the APC of selfishness by its conducts and actions, saying it was taking too long for the party to run the government in a way that would benefit the people of Nigeria appropriately and help improve the country's democracy.

He noted that while it is germane for all arms of government to relate robustly to give good governance to the people, such should not be done at the expense of justice, equity and fairness, adding that while the APC has the right to regulate its affairs the way it deems fit, it should not be at the expense of a member of the party.

Mr. Lawal cited the unjust attempt in the National Assembly at reconciling the party caucus which has sacrificed fairness, justice and equity, saying the APC has not been fair in its schemes by jettisoning a loyal member for the sake of a disloyal members. 

He submitted that such was not good enough for the sake of our fledging democracy and the party is certainly going to pay for it dearly in future.

"The APC has shown clearly that it is dumb to be loyal and that disloyalty earns better rewards. If it happens that the forgery case is manipulated as it is in the process, the APC will lose the confidence of its members and general public trust," Mr. Lawal said.

"Like a witch who killed her husband, the APC has continued to merely cry on these and many other issues that affect national space and governance."

According to the NCP boss, "The law must be allowed to take its course on the ignoble act of Senate Rules manipulation, regardless of Senator Oluremi Tinubu or Kabiru Marafa getting juicy committees. If this is the essence of prosecution of the forgery case at the initial stage, then the APC is a party of selfish and power-mongering people.”

The visibly angry Mr. Lawal expressed dissatisfaction that such a brilliant and seasoned legislator as Senator Babajide Omoworare could be sacrificed on the altar of settlement by a political party with a change mantra.

“A lot is happening in this senate with no respect for experience and where a first timer in the senate is the minority leader and James Manager remains in the back seat. We will await other desperate moves anyway," he said.

He however said he will not want to preempt the APC leadership.

“Let's see if the APC-led government is courageous enough to withdraw the forgery case against Saraki. I'm of the opinion that withdrawing the case will cast aspersion on Buhari's administration. Besides, it will be a mockery of the judiciary. National politics is smelly as we speak, the APC must seriously introspect and call the selfish players to order before the polity implodes. Patience of Nigerians must not be stressed too long as President Buhari takes a second look at his goodwill bank, it is now at a deficit.”