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IYC Says Ogun And Lagos Violence The Work Of Criminal Groups

In a press release, the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) has dissociated indigenes of the Ijaw ethnic nationality from recent attacks and killings in some communities in Ogun and Lagos States. The IYC has stated that criminal gangs are responsible for the activities.

This comes after the crimes being committed in these communities have been alleged to be the craftings of people of Ijaw ethnicity.

IYC spokesman, Eric Omare, has stated that the idea is to make Ijaw people look like enemies in the eyes of all their neighbors in the southern part of the country.

The press release states, “the criminals carrying out the attacks are out to destroy the existing relationship between the Ijaws and the Yoruba communities in the South-West.”

It would be recalled that in a previous story, Mr. Omare criticized the press for reporting that the suspects involved in the kidnapping of a pastor in Ikorodu, Lagos State were Ijaw Militants.

The activities of the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) which began in March of this year led to the Government intensify military activities in communities that have experienced criminal activities akin to the operations of the NDA. These have led to the arrests of residents of communities such as Oporoza in Gbaramatu Kingdom, Delta State, including 10 students are still being held in detention.

The spokesperson for the Niger Delta Avengers, Brigadier General Mudoch Agbinibo stated in an earlier press release that the Nigerian military is labelling every “Tom, Dick and Harry” as Niger Delta Avengers.

“The Nigeria military arrested school students in Oporoza and called them the Niger Delta Avengers, any criminal caught is NDA, ever their Business partners (Illegal Oil bunkers) with which things went south are NDA, Sea pirates are now NDA,” he said.

His statements corroborate the claims that the Ijaw people are being wrongly labelled as being responsible for the criminal activities.

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