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The World-Class Roads In Owerri: ‘Change’ Has Indeed Come! By Elias Ozikpu

August 12, 2016

There is no doubt that impunity has tragically become the trademark of the political class in Nigeria, inspired by the awful followership that is bereft of the needed orientation and will to hold political office holders accountable for their perpetual failure, a situation which has reduced the nation into a jungle of impunity and a cesspool of corruption. The result is that the political class, prime enemies of the people, imposes oppression on the people without the compunctions of conscience and with no resistance on the side of the oppressed.

One of the consequential problems besetting our nation is mass ignorance amongst the people, a defect which the oppressors have utilised to their own selfish advantage.

The above leads us to the rationale for this publication. The spine-chilling Federal Roads situation in Imo State is a monumental affront on the people of that state. It is an outright concession of failure which requires no use of a microscope for confirmation. And, indeed, failure in Nigerian politics has become so commonplace that it is now a way of life, so that no eyebrows are raised when it happens.

That the Federal Government ignores the terrible state of its road in many parts of Imo State, with emphasis on Owerri North Local Government Area, remains a major mystery that might only be comprehended with the help of divinity. The videoed/pictured road published with this text is a Federal Government road in Ezeogba, Emekuku, inside Owerri, the state capital! It is a major road, on which both pedestrians and vehicles must learn the craft of swimming expertly before contemplating the idea of plying on it. The road is a national eyesore, and a confirmation that the much touted ‘change’ by the ruling APC was a tool of deception, which, not surprisingly, has remained a mirage.

Looking at the road, one is bound to conclude that that part of Owerri is under no government, or that it is a place abandoned by its government to survive on its own.

This, in any way, does not exonerate the state governor, Mr Rochas Okorocha, seeing that several deplorable state roads are prevalent in the state. Like I have written elsewhere, a government that is unable to provide such basic things as water, good roads, sound health care system, good schools, etc has no right to exist.

You may now enjoy the video/photos featuring the world-class roads in Owerri North Local Government Area.


Elias Ozikpu is a social commentator and a restless African writer.