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Nigerian Army Threatens Trio Declared Wanted Over Chibok Girls Boko Haram Video

Ahmed Bolori and Aisha Wakil, two of the three Nigerians declared wanted by the military on Sunday in connection with Boko Haram have refused to cooperate, the army said in a statement late on Monday. 

“Please note that (sic) failed to give us more details,” it said in the statement, signed by Acting Nigerian Army Spokesperson Col SK Usman, adding: “They were evasive. They wanted everything on their terms.”

Without being specific as to their encounter with Bolori and Wakil, who had both expressed their desire to cooperate, the military sounded threatening, saying that further engagement would be on its terms.

“We are determined,” it said.  “They must cooperate. We have cleared most the BHT hideouts. Though few are remaining. Our target is the remaining camps that are not accessible during the rains.  They must mention their BHT contacts and their locations.”

The statement explained that this new approach is strategic “to engage the alleged BHT negotiators so as to weaken their propaganda base.”

Concluded the statement: “We cannot continue to drag this war any further. The military approach should be devoid of rhetorical postulation. We want actionable information for planning and execution of our operations.”

The statement did not say if Bolori and Wakil are now under arrest, or whether they are being represented by lawyers.  At least one of them had indicated knowledge of Boko Haram, and previous attempts to arrange discussions between the group and the army that were spurned by officials.

The third Nigerian declared wanted, Ahmed Salkida, a journalist, is in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates with his family.  No information was given in the statement about him, but he had asked the military earlier in the day to expedite his travel home by sending him an invitation and sending a flight ticket.