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IPDI Warns Military Against Genocide Attacks In Niger Delta Creeks

The group called on the United States, United Nations, and Amnesty International to come to the aid of the people of the Niger Delta.

The Ijaw Peoples Development Initiative (IPDI) has condemned the Nigerian military's activity in the Niger Delta region, saying that its attacks on the region under the pretense of fighting insurgents amount to "genocide." The group called on the United States, United Nations, and Amnesty International to come to the aid of the people of the Niger Delta.

Read the full press release below: 



Our attention has been drawn to the report of  propose massive deployment of military officers with heavy military equipments under the pretend of conducting purported training exercise in the creeks.

We are aware of the suicidal move of the government to cause genocide in the creeks as well as bombing and killing of innocent villagers and then conduct mass burier for those who will be killed.

It is so sad that oil fortune in Niger Delta have turn to cause sorry and more death in the region, such deployments are meant for external aggression, Nigeria is due for sanction for committing war crime severally in the Niger Delta region.

The deployment of heavy troops in the creek is suspicious, If it where a genuine training exercise why the massive deployment of troops and equipments? Where is the military barracks which they want to carry out their training exercise ? Since the history of Nigeria,  have military embark on such amphibious trainings in the creeks?  When does the creek become suitable for army training? 

Nigeria army turning the creeks to a battle field, how do you say people should fear at the propose heavy military presence and heavy equipments. This strange and a declaration of war against it citizenry.

Not necessary Niger delta, there are a lot of rivers to carry of amphibious training in the country if they wish. There are creeks and rivers in Lagos, Lake chad,etc to train amphibious military outfits. 

If we may asked why Delta specifically? Must you go to the creeks to training amphibious combatants,   How many such training have been carry out in the creeks for the past years? What is so special about going to the creeks to carry out training exercise. 

However, the planned military exercise in Delta creeks is aimed at killing common citizenry and attempt to ignore the core issues of Niger Delta as regards to the popular restructuring demands and oil ownership question. The military have nothing to justify their suicidal mission in the creeks,  The military presence will increase humanitarian crisis in Niger Delta as movement will be restricted and people out of fear will abandon their normal fishing and farming activities which serve as their means of survival. 

We are calling on US, UN and  Amnesty international to come to the rescue of Niger Delta people before the region will be wipe away by Nigeria government as slaves and conquered region.

Mayor Timi Ogobiri
Acting spokesman, Ijaw Peoples Development initiative, IPDI.


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