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Tompolo’s Father Dies In Warri

September 7, 2016

Chief Thomas Ekemupolo, father of the former militant leader Government “Tompolo” Ekpemupolo, has died according to sources.

Mr. Ekpemupolo reportedly died early this morning at the private Lily Clinic in Warri, Delta State after a brief illness.

Tompolo’s spokesman, Paul Bebenimibo, confirmed this development claiming that his death was a combination of illness and the recent military aggression in the Gbaramatu kingdom.

Mr. Bebenimino said that Mr. Ekpemupolo sustained injuries from the military in recent weeks.

According to him, ''he died at about past 5am at Lily Clinic in Warri. He should be over 80 years. He's been sick for a while now, a couple of months, even before the invasion. You know the aged kind of sickness, so with all the tension and all that, because he was in the village then.

''He went through some stress because they had to be taking him from Kurutie to Kunukunuma, from Kunukunuma to Warri because he was not sure of his safety, whether he would be arrested, so he had to be running from one village to the other in the riverine area before he was finally moved to Warri.

''About 2 months ago, he had a problem with one of his legs, which they had to amputate, He finally gave up this morning'', he said.


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