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IPOB, The Blood Sucking Evil Spirits - Akaloghelis Parading Themselves As Mini Gods By Churchill Okonkwo

September 22, 2016

Please read this before you spill your blood (yet again) on September 23rd for the amorphous-self-serving Biafran cause (whatever that is).

Ndigbo have always believed in the existence of some distinguishable spirits including the spirit of evil (Ula Chi) and Akalogheli (wandering spirits of mischief-makers). These Ula Chi and Akalogheli spirits is manifested in people that enjoy inflicting pain and grief on their fellow humans. In Igbo land today, such evil spirits are manifesting fully in IPOB.

These destructive evil spirits in IPOB have constituted themselves into an equivalent of Alusi Okija (deadly deities), now ordering Ndigbo to ‘close shop’ and starve even in the face of the recession that is threatening to snatch the child away from her mothers’ breast. And because these restless spirits are floating, they do not feel the present economic hardship in the country. Because they are very selfish and heartless, they have never bothered to find out whether we ate last night.

That’s why they want Keke and Okada drivers to suspend services on September 30th, but they forgot that mama Ifeoma would be waiting at home for Oga to bring back some owo so the family can buy and boil a cup of white rice for dinner. They want you to turn off your mobile phones to “punish” telecommunication companies, not knowing that that will be frivolous, freeing the congested bandwidth for other customers. They want to force traders to close markets and possibly trigger confrontations with police leading to wasting of precious human lives.

I, therefore, hope that you will understand why I feel like flogging these IPOB Akaloghelis that are stuck in the brouhaha that are politically impotent and ends up causing more death rather than forward-thinking ideas that will truly free their hoodwinked followers.

By now, I thought that someone in the pro-Biafran movement would have been smart enough to call into question the strategies so far adopted towards the actualization of freedom and/or sovereignty. Strategies that have resulted in deaths, deaths, and more deaths. Yet, all the Akaloghelis could come up with are inconsequential and nonsensical ideas that will still result in more deaths.

The last time the Akaloghelis called Umu Igbo out on the streets of Aba and Onitsha (May 30th), blood flowed freely, wives and mothers wailed in agony over the death of their husbands and sons. But the Akaloghelis were delighted as they took pictures of spilled blood and dead corpses on the streets and in trucks. Pictures they presented to their Ula Chi as a confirmation of the fulfillment of their promise to placate the deities with sacrifices of fresh blood in the advancement of their amorphous and self-serving goals. 

Three months later, the throats of these Evil Spirits are dry and they are thirsty for more blood. They are itching for more blood to appease their wandering spirits through the sacrifice of our sons and daughters (yet again) in the name of freeing Nnamdi Kanu. That’s why they are calling on you to keep a date with their deity on September 23rd just like you did on May 30th.

This is my message to you. Before you go out in the streets, note that your blood is so precious to be wasted at the altar of an impotent Alusi moo -foreign evil spirits residing in Obodo Oyibo - asking you to swallow phlegm to appease the pangs of hunger. Rather than sacrificing your innocent blood, I urge you to offer these evil spirits any worthless gesture to keep them at a distance from your businesses. Sneeze at them, fart at them, say Tufia-kwa to them, give them “waka” and go about your normal business on September 23rd. This will prevent them from afflicting havoc on your families and the entire Igbo Community.

Remind these Akaloghelis acting as mini-gods that a large chair does not make a king. Let them know that an indigent does not take the title of "Omeokachie" (i.e. one who completes whatever he puts his hand to). IPOB, TRIPOB, and RE-IPOB are indigent evil spirits that are incapable of discerning the unfolding political realities in Nigeria. How then can they invoke the spirit of our Chi-Ukwu in an attempt to hold us hostage?

So my people, stop offering your blood to appease a dead Alusi. As Ndigbo, let us not forget that if the tortoise argues and stretches himself, his shell breaks. Don’t you feel like you are breaking? Everything has its limits. What’s the limit of hitting your head on the wall and breeding to death over and over again? When will you stop succumbing to threats and intimidation from these Akaloghelis?

While the Akaloghelis wasting their time in inconsequential “International Court” and mass suicide on the streets, the crooks in PDP, APC and APGA are gradually hijacking their voice. They have keyed into the ethnic sentiments they generated and are now acting as if they care about the plight of ordinary poor masses. By leaving the mass movement you gathered in limbo, these IPOB Akaloghelis are like a superstar that seduced a beautiful young lady only to hand her over to wolves and rapists to devour.

Where there are experts there will be no lack of learners. As experts, what have the Akaloghelis in IPOB learnt over the years in your struggle for “freedom”? Are you not tired of sending the young hoodwinked Biafrans to the streets rather than mobilizing them to the ballot box? All the sacrifices with the innocent blood of Umu Igbo will not translate to any real power until you get in there and grab the power through the ballot box. Where is your political strategy? Where is your plan B?  When will you start mobilizing this mass movement and energy into a powerful political force that should start contesting and winning elective positions?

May one's visitor not constitute a problem so that on his departure he will not leave with a hunchback. Unfortunately, these IPOB Evil Spirits have constituted themselves into a plague that they already have hunchbacks while still on their ill-fated visit.

To my brothers and sisters, please don’t present yourself as a sacrificial lamb and die for nothing on September 23rd. A fly that has no counselor follows the corpse to the grave. All I am asking for (actually demanding) is that the time to change this failed strategy of mass suicide is now. So, tell these Evil Spirits of IPOB, “chiri ise!!!” and move in with your life. If that makes me an Igbo hater, I will gladly accept that title.

You can email Churchill at [email protected] or follow him on Twitter @churchillnnobi