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The Tipping Point For Donald Trump Has Come By Wumi Akintide

October 8, 2016

I predicted it long time ago that Trump is going to unravel and his moribund campaign is going to collapse like a pack of cards when he is forced by circumstances beyond his control to finally release his tax returns or part thereof.

I call his tax returns his Achilles feet because deep down in those returns are the reasons why Trump could never be President of the United States. Those reasons pale in significance in comparison to all of the dirt he and his campaign have been digging up on Hillary in particular and her ex-President husband by extension with some help from his KGB hackers in the Kremlin.

With or without all these recurring scandals, I have always known that Trump is going to lose to Hillary by double digits even though the polls are predicting a cliff hanger. How do I know that? I do, because I know a thing or two about Probability Theory in Statistics.

I know how to use the mathematical formula to predict the outcome of elections. But I also know that opinion polls based on random but quantifiable samplings are just snippets of the moment which can change or go wrong if the sampling is too small or if the sampling does not adequately cover all of the voters but just a cross section the pundits are able to reach or talk to.

The pundits hardly ever poll immigrant voters like you and me whose accent they have some problems with. The bulk of people voting for Hillary come from that obscure group. They are also people who don’t make themselves easily accessible to pollsters because they hate to be identified and because most of them come from third world countries where lying about who you vote for in an election has become an art and a major preoccupation.

Many of them come from countries like Nigeria where the voters are bribed and paid money up front before they go into the polling booths. They are therefore not used to giving their own opinions or choices to a pollster who they know is being paid for his work while the people he is polling receive nothing for helping them. Voting for people is all about making money and putting the wrong people in positions of power.

Armed with that knowledge and expertise obtained from my alma mater, the great University of Connecticut, I can tell you that the outcome of my own private polling is far more accurate than the conventional polling done by the average American pollster.

I therefore could care less when I hear Quinnipiac or Fox News and other reputable pollsters tell the public that the outcome of this year’s election is going to be very close. I say “foul over the bar” It is not going to be.

Hillary is going wallop Trump and retire him from Politics and irredeemably dent the Republicans for years to come for creating the Trump monster and for backing or betting on a wrong horse and serial liar and loose cannon who lack the judgment or the discipline and the temperament to be considered a safe bet and a viable candidate for the President of the United States in 2017.

I repeat that Trump does not belong in the same league with Hillary who has been tested and proved for more than 40 years of active participation in American Politics. Say what you like, Hillary remains a big role model for women and mothers in America and the whole world.

All Trump is noted for is his braggadocio and lies upon lies as a psychopath and pathological liar who clearly does not understand the import of the title of this article. He passionately believe that making people happy with a lie is far better than telling them the truth and causing them a needed transient discomfort that would better prepare them to avoid repeating the same mistake in the foreseeable future. The Holy Scriptures know what it is talking about when it says “the truth shall liberate you” Donald Trump like Adolf Hitler does not understand that basic truth.

Americans haven’t seen anything yet. There are going to be more scandals for Trump because he has spent much of his 70 years in the world relishing his capacity to lie and to cheat his way to success and plenty of wealth without getting caught.

All he does is robbing Peter to pay Paul, evading taxes while criminalizing those of us who bend over backwards to pay our own because we all know that Tax is the live wire of America. If you discount tax from America, there is nothing left.

I am not talking about income tax alone. I am talking Real Estate Tax, Sales and value added tax and other kinds of taxes that people have to pay in America. If Donald Trump cheats on his income tax to the Almighty Federal Government, there is no telling what he might have been doing to the State and Local Government taxes his many companies are legally required to pay.

Mr. Trump knows how to game the system for his own advantage. Only God knows how much Social Security payments he has deducted from many of his employees have ended up going into his own private account rather than the Government Treasury.

Why do you think the IRS has been after him for 16 consecutive years without a break? It is not because they hate him per se, it is because they know he is an artful dodger who will do anything to beat the system and would go ahead to boast about it like he did when he said that if he shot and kill someone in broad day light on 5th Avenue, he could walk away scot free and that would not stop his supporters from voting for him.

He wanted the 5 black and Hispanic boys charged for a crime at Central Park 5 put to death for raping a white woman because the outlaw falsely claimed they committed the crime. Even when the Court discharged and acquitted them close to 10 years later, Donald Trump still claimed they were guilty and should never have been set free at all. He is an unrepentant racist who does not respect the rule of Law.

His most egregious crime today, left to me alone, is his trying to delegitimize the first black President and trying to dishonor a former Prisoner of War and a highly decorated War Hero, John McCain for being captured in Vietnam. He insinuated that McCain had deliberately feigned his capture just to win a Purple Heart. The horrendous statement is from a draft dodger who refused to go to Vietnam in his prime to go fight for a country he now wants to make great in his old age or twilight years.

I am particularly offended by his attempt to delegitimize one of the greatest Presidents of this Century, the one and only Barack Obama who could count the followings among his greatest legacies as President.
·         The biggest rise or hike in America Family Income in 48 years
·         14. 2 million jobs created.
·         Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500 and NASDAQ all at record high during his tenure
·         Lowest gas prices in decades. I am a great beneficiary of that.
·         Highest Solar and Wind production ever
·         Best recovery in Real Estate Industry and the Auto Industry in America
·         World Consensus  on Climate Change as a threat to World Peace
·         World Consensus to stop proliferation of Nuclear Weapons by imposing devastating sanctions on rogue nations like Iran and North Korea
·         Advancement in human Rights and Civil Rights for all Americans regardless of Faith, Gender and skin color.
·         The Conqueror of Osama Bin Laden.

Above is only a tip of the iceberg. He could have achieved more if the Republicans had not obstructed him every step of the way.

Trump has now confessed he is not a perfect person following his latest scandal that is going to lead to his political demise as a presidential hopeful. It is the greatest confession he has ever made and the greatest contrition he has ever shown as a sexual predator, but the move is only going to make a bad situation worse for him. Donald Trump has murdered sleep and he shall sleep no more.

He is going nowhere but down when the chips are down on November 8. Hillary is without any doubt the next President of the United States. If you agree and believe, let your “Amen” be louder.

I rest my case.