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Lagos Youth Laments Poor State Of Nation In Video

In a message that resonated with Nigerians across the country, a recent university graduate lamented the poor state of the nation while speaking with a SaharaReporters correspondent in Lagos.

Olaleye Samson, a Lagos local with a BSc, stated that the only employment opportunities available for youths are low-skilled jobs such as security guards, cleaners, housemaids, and cooks. Even these jobs are difficult for Nigerians to secure, Mr. Samson said, because employers often prefer to hire Togolese and Ghanaian nationals.

The influx of Chinese companies has not helped better the situation, according to Mr. Samson. Such companies, often touted for boosting employment opportunities and building and improving infrastructure, employ Chinese expatriates rather than hiring from the local unemployed masses.

He said the root of Nigeria’s problems is greed. Wealthy politicians and businessmen own 20-room mansions in Lekki and Banana Island while homeless graduates roam the streets of Lagos. Mr. Samson called on Nigerians to “use their heads” and stop electing leaders who steal and ignore such rampant poverty and inequality.

“We are celebrating Independence Day, but please, there is no independence. We are living in modern-day slavery,” he said.

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