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The Buhari Administration: A Government Of Oppression, Fraud And Lies By Elias Ozikpu

December 1, 2016

Since the Buhari government came to life in May of 2015, it has achieved nothing except the imposition of hardship on Nigerians.

The shame is upon President Buhari, whose flagrant ineptitude to captain the Nigerian ship has left him with no alternative but to launch a series of fraudulent assaults on the Nigerian people.

Since the Buhari government came to life in May of 2015, it has achieved nothing except the imposition of hardship on Nigerians. In fact, the administration has taken full advantage of the malleable state of Nigerians.

The Buhari government has proved beyond reasonable doubt that it is a government against the people. This is quite pellucid in the anti-people policies that it has adopted. For instance, in May of 2016, this grossly incompetent administration indiscriminately hiked the price of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) and also introduced another major scam by hiking electricity tarriffs without providing power to Nigerians. Full-fledged state-sponsored larceny growing bolder in Nigeria, unchallenged! How can anyone be getting paid for a service he never renders, let alone hiking the fee? The Buhari government, like its predecessors, is a government of thieves!

In spite of the spate of these hikes, President Buhari and his accomplices have been unable to salvage the nation from the firm grip of economic quagmire, provoked by their appalling incapability.

The recent attempt to hike the internet data tariff to further lavish privation on the Nigerian people is one of  the most fraudulent schemes championed by this administration at a time when Nigerians only struggle to stay alive. The data tariff scheme was another bid by the fraudulent administration of Buhari to forestall access to the internet after their bid to pass the anti-social media bill in May of 2016 failed. We expect more plots from this anti-people government.

A government like Buhari’s, which has declared an open war against its own people, has no legitimate right to exist. It is absolutely unnecessary to wait until 2019 to send this felonious government out of power. The administration has established beyond reasonable doubt that it has not the slightest clue on how to resolve Nigeria’s problems, except to compound them and then resort to unrestrained taxation on a people already milked to a state of nothingness.

The pervasive poverty in Nigeria and Africa is the product of governments like Buhari’s who lack the required intelligence to cause any social transformation and who are overly inspired by immoderate greed to amass public wealth for personal use. This accounts for why Buhari’s ‘anti-corruption war’ has become a major source of comic relief when one considers his fraudulent policies and his long list of nepotistic appointments.

A sane government would have been busy trying to alleviate the sky-high prices in foodstuffs and other related matters, but not Buhari’s government. It is not just enough for Nigerians to suffer, they all must die. That is the position of this government.

Well, in the event that Nigerians decide to wait till 2019 before sending this roguish government away, Buhari and his abetter must constantly remember that the very whip that landed on Jonathan’s skin was not thrown into the Atlantic ocean afterwards.

In the meantime, I have informed my family members, friends and colleagues to get ready to pay for their breath, Buhari says the economy is indisposed and the people he governs MUST make costly sacrifices.

Elias Ozikpu is a Nigerian writer and an unflinching human rights activist.