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VIDEO: Chilling Details Of Governor Wike Threatening To Kill INEC Officials With Whom He Plotted The Rigging Of Rivers Rerun Election

Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State was caught on tape as he held a telephone with officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), political thugs, youth groups and community representatives handpicked by him. In the telephone conversations, exclusively obtained by SaharaReporters, Gov. Wike was arranging payments to the officials in exchange for their help in rigging the recently concluded legislative elections in the state.

The telephone conversations revealed the governor arranging with INEC officials, particularly those sent from Anambra and Plateau State who were paid in batches to rig the election for candidates of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Etche, Khana, Ikwerre and other key local government areas in the state where Wike and his boasted they would overwhelm opponents with violence.

One of Mr. Wike’s phone calls went to a female operator, Betty Apiafi, a member of the Nigerian house of representatives who was complaining that the money offered by the governor was not sufficient for the rigging task. An infuriated Governor Wike told the woman that he had already paid the electoral coordinator for Plateau State. Betty bitterly complained that her people needed more money for the bloody task, saying things were tight. Wike asked her to come see him to pick up more funds.

At one point in the conversation, when Governor Wike was told that one of the electoral officers was reluctant to sign off on one of the result sheets, the governor threatened to demand his money back from the recalcitrant official. Then, as if not satisfied with his threat to collect back his money, Mr. Wike voiced his intent to kill a group of election officials from Plateau state, stating that they would not leave Rivers State alive.

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FULL AUDIO of Governor Nyesom Wike Caught On Tape Bribing INEC Officials

The transcript below is the listening guide to the audio, the Youtube version uploaded above is subtitled in English

Governor Wike’s Domestic Aide -Owolobi “Owoh” Ofori




I've met Bello, met Opipa


They have discussed


Saying, when you get there


You should let them know, they will come


No problem


You should discuss


No wait




I can hear you




Owoh: You know, when I come in tomorrow, we will see


I don't know when I will come; that’s the problem


Go ahead with the mobilization, like I told you


On Saturday morning, Yeah?


All the Central Wards


It’s only us running an election


So make sure we mobilize all the youth  from the Central Ward


We have at least a thousand...


About 1,500 youths.....

Okay, no problem sir


That will come out


Okay, I will touch different villages now


Yes, mobilize them


Anyway they go, follow them to march




You understand?


By the time they see that we outnumber them 10 to 1


There's nothing they can do


That's true


So go and talk to the youth


I don't know how much you will give each community


Think about it


Give all the youth...


All the youth groups in the community


So that they will all come out on saturday morning


Okay sir


You hear me?


Think about it


Now, now, now oh...


10:33 we're moving now


Governor Nyesom Wike: Hello


You Excellency sir, good evening sir


What’s your position?




I'm.... at Eleme trying to cut out into Port Harcourt, Sir


I'm asking you what position you're in, you say...

Port Harcourt


Okay... i thought you were asking where i was


We're..... We have started our mobilization sir


The usual recruitment of boys and all that


We are also working on that too


So if they do proper election, you will win? 


Yes sir


Okay....mobilize the people


..mobilize them... whatever they want,

we'll give to them





Hello sir




Where are they


Okay i saw him this evening


Because they were in the situation room


So he couldn't come out


So he now gave me three...


Coordinators....of the zones that are coming


So they texted me, they said they're coming


Tomorrow evening on Monday morning


So we agreed to Port Harcourt


Coordinators of what?



You know the E.O's (Electoral Officers ) That are coming,

are coming from three zones


Three zones....


So the people coordinating the three of them


The three.... all of them


Three of them


The one from Anambra


North east


Eh... South east and eh...




The three of them... They texted me


We made contact, so we'll talk more when we get to Port Harcourt


So that they can assemble the others


For us to meet






Hello sir


...Have you called the person


yes, the first one will soon be here




The first people will soon be here


The first group


Aaahh okay...


Who's the second group




Thats the Plateau?


Yes the Plateau... (₦8m)..,(₦8m).. then (₦7m)


Then you will have eh...


When you start...


You will add (₦5m) for him like we

did with the other people


Yes sir


Anyway, when you've done that, you

should call me


Okay sir




Hello sir we've finished and all of them

have gone home


The.... all the town groups


All of them


Did they say anything?


Are they happy?


Too happy


The last one came with who?


He came with four people


Those ones took time and put them in the

boxes for them


And carried it


Came with the four people who are part of them?


Part of his group..., yes


The Anambra person, yes


Okay, no problem, you people should wait till I'm coming


Alright sir


Betty Apiafi: Hello?


Owoh: Hello ma


But there's money that oga was giving today


And you didn't come and all the people i saw


I don't know, maybe...


He didn't tell me to come now...


Can you tell him...


This one is private, i said let me


Let me give you the phone


Is he there?


He is, he's eating


Let me give him the phone


Now I wanted to tell you..


Things are really tight


He gave some people about (₦5m).., (₦10m)..


Different stakeholders


I was wondering, that you left early, that’s why


My brother how will i do it now


Just hold on, hold on... let me tell him






Sir, i didn't see anything for A.E.O's


Governor Nyesom Wike: No, no, no, They've given them


I told them not to bother


Its tight, please give us more


Madam what we did was the...


Infact it's the proof


( Inaudible )


The equilution


We don't need to give those ones


We don't need to E.O's (Electoral Officers)


You understand what i'm saying


What we held...


What we did was we wanted to help the main elections


Because of our people


Our boys


Things are tight


But you only have one ward


What about the people who have four wards


My local government seven


Seven wards?

Yes sir


How many units down?




Me i have 55 units




Me i have 65


But oga i have 7 wards


Sometimes 65 units can be one ward




Let's see what we can do


Owoh will call you back


Find small thing and give Owoh for me, please


Owoh will call you back


Okay sir, thank you sir


Hello sir


My Brother good evening work sir?


I dey is Dum Deekor




Oga was trying to reach you


I dont know whether you have spoken to him


No... i've not




Let me check in

That time he said i should call


Your Excellency, Sir!


Governor Nyesom Wike: Yea whats the problem


Well there's no problem


Except the....


Ask that they should move the thing to


Rack center, they refused


And ehh...


The usual intimidation


Intimidation by who now?


We know that's what they will do


Its just that ehh...


They were arriving late with this


Trying to put up disbursement and set up..


I don't know what you're saying


you're not sending out anything


who is intimidating you? me, nobody is intimidating me


We have people there


Tell everybody to be there


Ikwerre did it..


Ikwerre itself did it


They couldn't do anything


you understand me


Ikwerre local government did it


So the E.O (Electoral Officer) said he will not

counter sign


Eh... yes


I asked (inaudible) to insist that he should

counter sign


The E.O (Electoral Officer) Posted  from where?


from Plateau


ehh?...  from Plateau?


I'll call....dont worry i'll call the Plateau man now


i'll tell him, if he does not return my this thing


i will deal with you...


Don't worry


No, let him just sign that's all


No, if it's that one, she should return whatever...


i'm going to make sure that i kill him in

this state


Just don't worry


Hello Owoh


Hello sir


Call eh...


That co-ordinator


of Plateau


The man in Etche (LGA)

That i said he should warn


That he should warn


His man in Khana (LGA), ehh??..


That if he does rubbish


He should refund what we gave...


That if he tries it


I will make sure that he will never

leave this state


No problem


Tell him that, Tell him that


That he should warn him


If he's playing with people


He thinks that he will collect


And they will begin to do rubbish


Tell him that i said that they will

see what i'll do to him


If that’s how they do and then too....




I think the man in ehh....


The man in ehh....


Ikwerre (LGA) also Plateau


I think its also Plateau


so find out..


And tell him that...


In fact call the three coordinators

That I said they should tell their people


If they want to joke with me, disturb me


I will kill them in this place before they leave


Or they should return what I gave or I will kill them


Just call the three of them...


Alright sir!