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What Gov. Wike Told Fayose Over Bloody Rivers Rerun

December 29, 2016

Wike: Ayodele my son!
Fayose: You think I’m Nigerian Army member?

Wike: Nigerian Army does not exist again now!
Fayose: Ah, Wike, you tried!

Wike: (Laughter) Ha! Ha! Ha….!
Fayose: Everybody has been calling me! Wike, you are the man! You faced the whole country’s military threat…

Wike: (Laughter)
Fayose: They were shooting when you went o..!

Wike: My brother, you have to fight to the last o…! Kill everybody you can kill… Everybody you can kill!
Fayose: Ah! You’re the man of the year! This one is too much for one person! Everyone couldn’t know the way forward!
Wike: (Laughter)

Fayose: You went to collating centre!
Wike: Yes, I had to stop there!

Fayose: Eh! The video is all over now! See the way they’re shooting!
Wike: (Laughter)
Fayose: All over! Aaaargh! Congrats!

Wike: My brother, thank god for everything. It is god.
Fayose: I’m sure we are still going to go to court against them for the other one.

Wike: Of course. Of course! We’ll fight it out!
Fayose: You’ve done well for all of us!

Wike: We thank god, my brother!
Fayose: I’ll call you later.

Wike: Okay.

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