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World Wrapper Man To Race From Lagos To Delta State For Charity

Adjarhor David Obaro, popularly known as World Wrapper man, commenced a 506-kilometer race from the national stadium in Surulere, Lagos to Agbarha-Otor village, via Ughelli, in Delta state, to raise funds for his alma mater and contribute to the development of education in Nigeria earlier today in Lagos.

Unlike the conventional marathon race, Wrapper Man set out in a 24 yard George fabric that weighs 4 kilogram, tied round his waist. According to him, he intends to raise at least forty-eight thousand dollars for the renovation of his alma mater- Government College Ughelli.

The forty-seven years old long distance runner, who is the only man to have raced with 20 yards wrapper, kicked off his race in Lagos in the company of a few associates, friends and sports enthusiasts.

He encouraged everyone to give back to their society through different means as he is doing with the wrapper race and urged Nigerians to support the cause by buying at least one of his steps for only a dollar. He also believes the race will promote the African culture. 

“This is a back to school project, I am a product of Government College Ughelli and the essence of back to school project is to raise about $48,000 for projects in the school and to create an awareness for every Nigerian to go back to their alma mater to contribute their how quota to the development of education in Nigeria. Everyone can be a part of this with as little as one dollar to buy a step” the Wrapperman said.

Wrapperman who runs his races with a big Nigerian flag started the race with two young marathoners- Afeez Akande and a young female, Arekame Maureen, running at least 50 kilometers daily, which is a minimum of eleven days on the road.

He believes with God’s protection and their preparation over the past two months; success is assured.

He said; “We have been preparing for this mentally, physically and spiritually for over two months but no matter how you prepare when you are on the road, it is a different ball game”. However, he is hoping for the best of weather and less obstacle on the road as the race towards Delta state.

He called for people’s support while restating his commitment to the race. During his first stop to pick up supplies at Shoprite in Maryland, Wrapperman lamented that the Nigerian media has not done much to give him publicity, stating that the world prefers giving free publicity to criminals from the Niger Delta region than put a creative and peaceful Nigerian from the Delta on their front page.