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Radio Nigeria General Manager Gags SaharaReporters Publisher On Public Station

Omoyele Sowore, publisher and founder of SaharaReporters, on Tuesday in Lagos walked out on Bond 92.9FM studio, a broadcasting affiliate of Radio Nigeria, after its General Manager, Bamidele Dada, entered the studio to warn him to say nothing against the government.

He had been invited to an interview by Buna Isiak of Bond FM to speak on public sector corruption.

Mr. Dada said the radio station, being government-owned, cannot air anything that might be construed as being critical of its activities.

When Mr. Sowore queried the need for censorship in an establishment funded with taxpayers’ money, the GM simply replied that it would amount to a “conflict of interest”.

Mr. Dada’s intervention re-confirmed the long-held public belief that government-owned and controlled media houses in Nigeria are merely the public relations instruments of whoever is in power, lacking the spine to reflect the views of the public and tell the truth to their bosses.  

Mr. Sowore refused to return to the station even as the presenter tried to persuade the GM he would restrict the interview to specific questions he had outlined.