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In Sign Of Grave Illness, President Buhari Extends Vacation

In a clear sign of his serious illness, President Muhammadu Buhari has extended his medical vacation in the United Kingdom. This is the second such extension since Mr. Buhari left Nigeria a fortnight ago to travel to London in what his spokesmen described as a vacation cum medical checkup. 

In a short statement released today, presidential spokesman Femi Adesina disclosed that Mr. Buhari had sent a letter today to the National Assembly indicating “his desire to extend his leave in order to complete and receive the results of a series of tests recommended by his doctors.”

However, two sources at the Presidency told SaharaReporters that the President may need to be absent from Nigeria for as long as four months in order to undergo surgical procedures to address myriads of medical issues confronting the aged leader. 

One of our sources said President Buhari requires a major surgery. “The surgery will entail him staying away from work for at least four months, but members of his kitchen cabinet, afraid of losing their influence and power, have been advising him against staying abroad for such a prolonged treatment,” said one of the sources.

The statement issued by Mr. Adesina was silent on the exact date of the President's return.

Even as a presidential candidate, Mr. Buhari was dogged by questions of his health status, but he and his handlers always insisted that he had no significant illnesses. However, his frequent trips abroad for medical treatment or evaluations suggest that he may be facing more critical health crises than he and his handlers have admitted. 

Mr. Adesina stated that Mr. Buhari “had planned to return to Abuja this evening, but was advised to complete the test cycle before returning. The notice has since been dispatched to the Senate President, and Speaker, House of Representatives.”

The spokesman added that the president “expresses his sincere gratitude to Nigerians for their concern, prayers and kind wishes.”

President Buhari’s emaciated look and apparent lapses of memory, evident in misattribution of the meaning of his party’s acronym as well as a misstatement of Vice Present Yemi Osinbajo’s name, have raised questions about his physical and mental preparedness to bear the burden of his office.