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Leakers And Whistleblowers: 'Enemies Of The People,' According To Donald Trump By Dr. Wumi Akintide

March 5, 2017

Donald Trump equates himself to the State at this point, and he is determined to use his bully pulpit to demonize leakers and whistleblowers like no other American president before him.

If Donald Trump is not stopped, he is soon going to claim to be the American equivalent of King Louis the XIV of France who once proclaimed himself as the State.”L’Etat cest moi” he said to quote him verbatim. Donald Trump equates himself to the State at this point, and he is determined to use his bully pulpit to demonize leakers and whistleblowers like no other American president before him.

He is actively learning the ropes from Vladimir Putin pretty much like Adolf Hitler had done when he internalized the famous doctrines of “The Prince” by Nicolo Machiavelli. Hitler was democratically elected Chancellor of Germany in 1933 by winning the popular vote and by claiming the peoples’ mandate.
That is a claim that Donald Trump cannot in good conscience make because he lost to Hillary by 2.86 million votes but he still became President by scoring 306 out of 538 votes in the obnoxious Electoral College tally. Adolf Hitler went on to become a dictator less than 5 years after his election and subsequently led Germany into the Second World War from 1939 to 1945.

Donald Trump is pretty much following the same track but he had to know he could not succeed due to the powerful influence and leverage of leakers and whistleblowers in American democracy.

The man governs by tweeting and signing Executive Orders. An order against leakers and whistle blowers is probably being developed right now at his Mar-a-Lago Estate in Florida. Trump believes he can use his party’s majority in Congress and in the Supreme Court to do what he likes.  The opposition therefore has its job cut out for it.

“We the People” must not let him succeed. Leakers and whistleblowers are to be protected and treasured because they are needed in a vibrant democracy to check the excesses of dictators like the one the KGB has just imposed on America.       

The famous John Dean, who provided the missing link that led to the resignation of Richard Nixon, is a quintessential whistleblower. Bob Woodward and George Will are very credible investigative reporters and authors whose words and analyses are well respected in America. Learned Harvard Professors like Lawrence Tribe and Alan Dershowitz to mention a few are all great whistleblowers.

Whistleblowers are very patriotic citizens. They are not enemies of State as conjectured by Donald Trump. America has more than her fair share of such individuals and that is one of the reasons America is respected by acclamation as the Bastion of Democracy. It is the reason Democracy is said to be superior to Fascism, Communism and Dictatorship which discourage competition and criminalize dissent and freedom of expression.

The young man with the bad haircut in North Korea had no problem at all eliminating his uncle and his half-brother because he saw them as threats to his own power. Donald Trump could start doing the same to those who dare to oppose him. His ban against radical Muslims in the name of Security for America could soon metamorphose into a ban against leakers and whistleblowers who have now more than doubled with the Internet, You Tube, Facebook and WhatsApp technology. I cannot think of a worse leaker and whistleblower than Donald Trump himself who would make up stories and lies and tend to believe in those lies with the persistence of a demon. His condemnation of leakers and whistleblowers is like the pot calling the kettle black.  

The handwriting on the wall for the Trump presidency is clear with John Sessions as Attorney General,  James Comey as FBI Director and with his new Secretary of Commerce who are clearly more alligators or crocodiles in the Swamp Trump says he has come to clean. His Secretary of Commerce has a lot of scandal to worry about as Chairman and Director of the famous Bank of Cyprus which like the Swiss Bank has now become the Money Laundering Capital of the World. Part of the genius of Donald Trump is covering up his trail and hiding the source of his great wealth. Now that he is President of America, he operates at the highest possible level and can do so with impunity if whistle blowers are totally incapacitated from blowing the whistle on him and his gang. George Bush the 43rd President spoke for the people when he said America would not tolerate that.        

If you discount leakers and whistleblowers from Democracy, what is left can hardly be differentiated from what obtains in authoritarian regimes like you have in most Communist countries like Russia, China and North Korea where leakers and whistle blowers ruthlessly dealt with.  There are good and bad leakers and whistle blowers but they all help to keep a bad Government in check thru their activities but some do it not on “pro bono public” basis  but just to enrich their own pockets.

Many leak and whistle-blow only to save their country in the nick of time and to avoid an apocalyptic rupture and disruption to State Security. Edward Snowden is considered a bad one for working with or spying for Russia against his own country. He had to run away from America to the warm embrace of Russia due to guilty conscience. He would become one of the beneficiaries of Donald Trump’s peace overtures to Russia.

Individuals like Anderson Cooper, Jake Tapper, Chris Cuomo, Pop Harlow, Wolf Blitzer, John King, Christiana Amanpour, and Fareed Zakaria all of CNN absolutely fit the description good whistleblowers. So are Brian Williams, Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell, Chris Hayes and Joy Reid and Al Sharpton, and so many of their colleagues at MSNBC that time and space would not permit me to list in this article. Newspapers like New York Times and Washington Post, Time and Newsday magazines have all been known to play the same role using the investigative work of many of their Editors and famous columnists like Tom Friedman of New York Times.

Online news media like SaharaReporters of New York and Premium Times, and TV channels like Channel TV, TVC and AIT channels in Nigeria whose mission is to inform and protect the public against the excesses and illegal behaviors and activities of authoritarian Governments are good whistle blowers but they are never in the good books of bad Governments

Whistleblowers and leakers in America help to expose the hypocrisy of individuals like Newt Gingrich and Livingston, who were the first to condemn Bill Clinton during his Monica Lewinsky scandal while hiding their own iniquities. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, General Mike Flynn and Mike Pence had gone around campaigning against Hillary Clinton and falsely accusing her of all possible crimes in the world. They shouted “Lock her up” for using private e- mail servers in her house in Westchester, New York.

They all refuse to acknowledge, however, that Hillary had probable cause to use that server under the cover of the security clearance given to her husband as a former President. All they kept doing was to irredeemably damage Hillary. As a matter of fact, Donald Trump who is now denying having any dealings at all with Russia and Vladimir Putin actually openly invited the Russians to help retrieve the mails that he falsely claimed to have been deleted by Hillary. His goal was just to make Hillary look bad. He deliberately encouraged WikiLeaks as the surrogates of the KGB to relentlessly continue to release damaging information on Hillary regardless of whether or not they were true or false. It is payback time now. I am surprised the Democrats have not started shouting “Lock them up” against Trump himself, General Flynn. Mike Pence and John Sessions.

In close collaboration with Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump and his gang went to town digging up dirt on Hillary every step of the way as if they themselves were angels. That was how Hillary lost an election she should have won by double digits. Trump does not want any whistle blowers talking about that .The only problem he sees is that information is getting leaked by whistle blowers and what to do about it. 

Less than 50 days to his inauguration, we now know that Donald Trump and his gang have engaged in more despicable crimes by collaborating with Vladimir Putin to destabilize American Democracy and to give the Kremlin a fighting chance to reset the clock on the lost glory of the defunct Soviet Union. Russia wants to catch up or level up with America.

Donald Trump is helping Putin to destabilize NATO and the European Union and many of the Institutions like the UN, the IMF and the World Bank that have given America a clear edge against  Russia for years. Putin is desperately looking for his own Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin to destabilize America and her allies in the West. Putin got a willing tool in Donald Trump and his gang of saboteurs as the pending investigations would clearly show.

General Mike Flynn is already gone, John Sessions is facing his Waterloo right now in the Justice Department and will have no choice than to resign eventually, Mike Pence has now been found to use a private email server as Governor of Indiana and it has now been proved beyond any shades of doubt that some of his so-called secured mails in his Indiana Government House were actually successfully hacked by intruders.

We now have in the White House a gang of felons whose activities could not stand public scrutiny because they are all devils and hypocrites of the worse order. The Republicans had spent 8 years trying to demonize Obama and Hillary by opposing them every step of the way. They are crying foul now because the Democrats want to get to the bottom of the Trump scandalous entry to the White House.  

“Afefe ti fe a ti ri furo adie” as the Yoruba would tell you in our rich language. The wind has blown away the feathers to expose the nakedness and the anus of the fowl. The revelations are coming out in bits and pieces. It is now clear to all and sundry that Donald Trump and his gang may have done more havoc to Democracy than Richard Nixon. It is like we are watching a repeat of the Watergate scandal movie all over again.

Vice President Spiro Agnew was prosecuted found guilty and sent to jail for tax evasion which is a fraction of the crimes Donald Trump may have committed after his tax returns are finally released for public scrutiny thru a court order.

I have said it before and I would repeat it again that the smoking gun in the Donald Trump saga is his tax return. The day it is released would be the beginning of the end for Donald Trump and his Government.

The issue is not Rocket Science. It is now clear beyond any doubt that Vladimir Putin is counting on Donald Trump to help him regain the lost glory of the old Soviet Union. Putin wants to build a new Military Alliance of his own with China and if possible North Korea to replace the old Warsaw Pact as a counter force to NATO.  

That is where America is headed with Donald Trump as President. Trump believes he can singlehandedly reshape or remake the old Order in the World because he is smarter than all American Generals combined  and superior to great Presidents like George Washington and Abe Lincoln or FDR to mention a few.

Once those tax returns are released, it will become clear to all and sundry how Donald Trump has succeeded in manipulating America and how many deals he has cut with Russia and other international Institutions and Banks around the World that help his Trump Financial Empire to hide all his money in distant places like Cyprus where his current Secretary for Commerce remains the Chairman of a major money laundering Bank as recently revealed by Rachel Maddow.

I can see Donald Trump climbing down hard on leakers and whistleblowers in America pretty soon if he has his way. He has started by dismissing the News Media as disseminators of false News and deliberately destroying the credibility of the Media as whistle blowers. He wants to call a dog a bad name to hang it. It is that simple.

If the President of Cameroon, Paul Biya, and the former President of the Gambia, Yahya Jammeh, were able to block their countries from the Internet, it is well within the realm of possibility that Donald Trump who emulates Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong UN can predictably do the same thing. He is on record to have publicly acknowledged that the two leaders are his role models. What more evidence do we need to confirm that Donald Trump does not understand or appreciate democratic values and freedom?

If that becomes the self-fulfilling prophesy, the day might soon come when Donald Trump is going to assimilate the techniques that have worked so well for the two dictators. He is going to do it in the name of providing Security for America. Thank God that America is not Russia.

The truth shall prevail sooner or later.

I rest my case.