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Re: 'I Am Prof. Soludo, The New Face Of The Pro-Biafran Movement' By Churchill Okonkwo

The attention of Prof. Chukwuma Soludo has been drawn to an article published in SaharaReporters by one Churchill Okonkwo entitled, “I am Prof. Soludo, The New Face of The Pro-Biafran Movement”, and I hereby issue this statement on his behalf.

First, the author is entitled to his own opinions or interpretations about issues concerning Nigeria and the Igbos, including the Biafran issue. However, the style of crafting his views may mislead many of his readers into believing that Prof. Soludo may have anything to do with the said article.  

Prof. Soludo woke up this morning with many calls and forwarded messages drawing his attention to the said article for the first time. Without doubt, Prof. Soludo knows how best to express his views on any issue and does not need anyone to put words in his mouth as the article tended to do for whatever purpose.

The article entirely represents the author’s wish of what he would want Soludo to say or do, and he did not consult or contact Soludo before issuing it.
Chimeziri Franklin
B3 Communications Ltd