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VIDEO: Boko Haram Terrorists Execute Government Spies

Below is a graphic video depicting Boko Haram terrorists interrogating and executing suspected government spies. A translation of the transcript is provided below the video.

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Boko Haram terrorists execute three alleged government spies

The video started with a voice who recited verses of Quran which spoke against hypocrites and their punishment according to the religious text.

Below is the translation of the interrogation of the persons arrested by Boko Haram who confessed as government spies by their commander.

First suspect

What is your name?

Ibrahim is my name.

Where are you from?

Uba village.

Who sent you?

One Colonel Sani.

Where did you meet him?

We met close to a town in Gworza, and we still meet around that area.

What was your assignment?

My assignment is to send them report of our activities.

Second suspect

What is your name?

Bana Abu Ubaida.

We mean your Nigerian name.


Where are you from?

I was born in Danbuwa village.

When did you start spying?

I started about four months ago.

What was your assignment?

My assignment was to simply snap and send pictures to one Ali Madu who will later send them to Chibok.

What types of pictures?

Pictures of brothers [meaning Boko Haram members].

Who were the other spies you know?

First is Ali Madu, then Ibrahim and myself.

Translation of comments made by a Boko Haram commander after the interrogation

This is a brief message from brothers to non-believers in order to annoy them.

You, Buhari: here are your errands spies who you sent, and Allah exposed them to us.

We will not set them free because Allah said hypocrites should be killed. We want to obey Allah by doing what he ordered us to do and desist from what he asked us not to do.

Let me be brief. You, the unbeliever, should understand that Allah will protect his empire whether you like it or not. He will surely protect his empire.

Under your watch we will be victorious, God willing, and there is nothing you can do. This is all I have to say.

The video showed how one of the suspected spies was beheaded while the remaining two were shot at close range.