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Nigeria Police Tortured Blind UNILAG Student In Detention For Protesting His Rustication

Lawrence Success, the recently rusticated visually-impaired University of Lagos (UNILAG) student, was taken away from 13 other student activists remanded on the orders of a mobile court in Lagos over the weekend and tortured by the Police.

While his colleagues were moved from Adekunle Police Station, otherwise known as Panti, for arraignment before a mobile court in the Oshodi area of Lagos, Success said he was taken back to Adekunle Police Station, where policemen said he was separated from other activists because they felt pity for him.

He, however, told the policemen that he did not need their pity. His rejection of pity, however, angered the policemen who, he said, started slapping him before adopting other forms of torture and taking him to the cell.

"After beating me mercilessly, they took me into the cell and asked inmates to torture me," he said.

The inmates obliged, but quickly realized he was blind. "They apologized to me, and I have been in that cell since Friday," he explained.

The students were arrested on Friday on their way back from the UNILAG campus, where they had sought an explanation from the Dean of Students Affairs, Mr. Ademola Adeleke, over the university's decision to rusticate Success. Instead of offering an explanation, Mr.Adeleke called the Police to arrest and detain them.

Fourteen of them were arrested, including Adeyeye Olorunfemi, who was rusticated for questioning, in a Facebook post, the competence of the UNILAG Vice Chancellor, Professor Rahman Bello, on account of poor handling of campus affairs. They were subsequently arraigned before a mobile court, which ordered them remanded.

Success was released on Sunday afternoon from Adekunle Police Station, where he had been tortured and asked to report back to report on Monday.


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