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Faces Of Boko Haram Commanders Released From Own Video Clips

Faces of deadly Boko Haram fighters have been released to the public by their own clips recorded in their camps which was obtained by the Hausa Service of Voice of America.

The video was recorded inside Sambisa Forest before its fall in December 2016 by one of Boko Haram's numerous videographers who identified himself as 'Abu Umma' 

A security source at the Defense Headquarters Abuja confirmed to our reporter, that the images in the clips have been helpful to security agencies as they using it for further identification from detained Boko Haram in various facilities across Nigeria.

It was also gathered, that some communities in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states have been using the clips to see if they could identify their children and wards that absconded from home and believed to have joined the deadly islamist terror group.[slideshow]52607[/slideshow]

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