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Flood Takes Over Lagos Airport Tarmac As Passengers Call For Canoe To Board Lagos-Owerri Flight

The general Aviation Terminal of the local wing of Murtala Mohammed International Airport was submerged by a flood last Thursday.

The tarmac was flooded as an Arik air flight WS 0640 was preparing to take off from Lagos to Owerri at 11 am on Thursday, May 11 2017.

A video sent to our correspondent indicated that an Arik Air flight, which earlier landed at the airport, could not easily board its passengers due to the heavy flood that resulted from an early morning rainfall in Lagos.

Passengers who tried to disembark from the flight into an airside bus that would convey them to the terminal were completely soaked and many were careful to walk in the flooded area for fear of getting swept in the flood.

Some of the passengers and airside workers were heard calling for the use of a canoe to move passengers from the airside’s bus to the aircraft which was preparing to fly to Owerri.

Apart from Arik airline, several aircraft that came after it also went through the same poor experience.

 An Arik air source said the flight was delayed due to difficulties in boarding the aircraft, a Boeing 737 aircraft with registration number 5N-MJJ.

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Flood Takes Over Lagos Tarmac As Passengers Call For Canoe Board Lagos-Owerri Flight