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Two Gang Members "Disown" Kidnap Kingpin Arrested In Lagos

Two members of Chukwudubem Onwuamadike’s kidnap gang denied their kingpin while they were being paraded by the police at the Lagos state Parade headquarters on Sunday.

The kingpin, famously referred to as “Evans” and six other members of his gang were arrested yesterday by the police at his Magodo residence after long hours of gun battle between the gang and the members of the Nigerian police force.

Suoyo Paul, one of the gang members, said he had never been part of any kidnap operation with Evans. He confessed to having met Evans sometimes in 2007 as a friend to his former boss but had never had any engagement with him.

The 42 years old native of Bayelsa state said he stopped kidnapping and released his guns as part of the Federal Amnesty agreement he signed with the federal government in 2009

However, he confessed that Evans contacted him a few days ago, claiming that the police had seized his guns and he needed him to supply him with guns.

“I have never one day gone to kidnap with him. But when he got into a problem with the police, he called me that the police had seized his guns and if I can get him more guns from Bayelsa. He said he will pay N3 million into my account if I was able to supply him guns. It was the call that th police used to trace me” Paul told pressmen.

Also, Ikenna Emeka, who was introduced as head of the gang’s hostage camp in Igando, said he has not for once gone on any kidnap operation with Evans, alleging only to running errands for the kingpin after he returned from Malaysia last year October.

He also claimed never met the Evans but only took instructions from him via phone calls.


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Ikenna Emeka Ikenna Is Known To Be 2nd-In-Command To Notorious Kidnapper Evans

“I have never gone on any operations with him. He only sends me messages, like to go and meet people or to go and give somebody money but I have never gone on kidnapping with him and I have never carried gun before. I have never been to his house. He only calls me on phone with a private number and you cannot call him back” said the 28 years old native of Anambra state.

Evans was declared wanted in 2013 after a failed attempt to kidnap the owner of Young Shall Grow Motors, Vincent Obianudo. 

According to the Force Public Relations Officer, Jimoh Moshood, three of Evans members were killed during the failed kidnap attempt but the police were unable to get Evans picture which he claimed would have helped in apprehending him faster that it was.

He also revealed that the police officer who led the team that foiled the 2013 attack was killed during the faceoff between the gang members and members of the Nigerian Police force. 

Five AK-47 rifles, one AK-49 rifle, two double-barrel rifles, two English pistols, 59 AK-47 magazines with ammunition, 1272 rounds of live ammunition for AK-47 rifle, and five different plate numbers, were recovered from the Evans and his gang.