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Third Audiotape Reveals Senator Melaye And Senior Police Officer Discussing Framing Innocents For Purported Assassination

SaharaReporters has obtained yet another audio recording, the third so far, in which controversial Senator Dino Melaye from Kogi State and a senior police officer can be heard discussing how best to pressure Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris Kpotum, to toe Mr. Melaye’s line and possibly order the arrest of innocent people from the senator’s home state, Kogi. Mr. Melaye had claimed there was an assassination attempt on his life.

The audio, in which Senator Melaye speaks in Hausa, comes in the wake of two earlier audiotapes. [video_link align="left"]61653[/video_link]

The first audio was a conversation between Melaye and a female judge, Akon Ikpeme. In it, the senator is heard discussing a bribe in dollars with the judge who was at the time a member of an electoral tribunal handling an election petition against Mr. Melaye. Justice Ikpeme ultimately gave a verdict upholding the legitimacy of Mr. Melaye’s election. 

In a second tape obtained and released by SaharaReporters, Senator Melaye is heard discussing his strategy to incriminate Edward Onoja, the Chief of Staff to the Kogi State governor, in the purported assassination.

Since the senator first made a claim that an attempt had been made on his life, the police have arrested at least seven persons Mr. Melaye claimed were involved in the purported crime. All seven persons, including the chairman of Ijumu Local Government Area, have been granted bail.[video_link align="left"]61705[/video_link]

The latest tape reveals how some rogue police officers have been willing tools in the senator’s scheme to implicate innocent people in the so-called assassination attempt. The tape shows that some compromised police officers have advanced Mr. Melaye’s agenda of incriminating persons who had no role in the alleged capital crime if there was ever any effort to kill the senator. 

The tape also validates Mr. Melaye’s boastful assertions in the second video that he and his backers were in control of federal security agencies which they could use at will to incriminate his opponents.