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Kenyan Opposition Candidate Rejects Election Results

Kenya is on the edge as the opposition leader in Tuesday's presidential election, Raila Odinga of the opposition National Super Alliance has rejected the election results.

He alleged in a speech that conspirators denied Kenyans their mandate by manipulating the outcome of the elections. He said that hackers gained access to National Super alliance (NASA) system and also Kenya's  Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) systems and altered the results of the elections.

Odinga said that data was manipulated with 11% margin established across the results being declared. Quoting times and actions, Odinga alleged that every result announced was therefore fake and a product of hackers who massively overwhelmed the systems set in place to secure the votes cast and ensure that the mandate of the people of Kenya is not respected.

He further called President Uhuru Kenyatta regime as fraud. He said what the government had done was a new level of arrogance.
"Uhuru must go home," Odinga said.

He quoted Uhuru Kenyatta saying during the campaign that he did not need voters to win the election. He said that the whole thing was a tragedy.

Though NASA called for calm, they said that a time would come when the party would call on their followers to take action.