Four suspected criminals were arrested around Agege-Oshodi Express Road in Ikeja, Lagos on Thursday after vigilant residents found their den.

Locals were led to the den after observing a suspicious man in the area sleeping on a lawn. When residents and passersby confronted the man, he confessed that he was a criminal and that he had three cohorts hiding out nearby.

Our correspondent gathered that the criminals were stationed in a hideout near a billboard in the area.

One resident of the community, Price Adeyanju, narrated the event to SaharaReporters.

“When we confronted the person acting as a madman, we asked him what he was doing there and how he got there. We were surprised as he talked with us like a normal person and was begging us not to beat him.

“We saw clothing materials, rugs for sleeping, cups, spoons and other utensils in the area. When more people came around and pounced on him, he pointed to two other places, the canal and a hole at the other side where his colleagues were.”

Yusuf Akinniyi Fatai, another resident of the area, disclosed that the particular area where the suspected criminals were caught had become dangerous at night, as they preyed on innocent passersby and stole their belongings.

“There is no time in a week that we will not hear of any robbery case around that area. Once it’s 7 p.m., this area turns to a business spot for these boys who rob people using various harmful weapons like knives and broken bottles,” Mr. Fatai told SaharaReporters.

The residents handed over the suspects to the police for questioning and investigation. They then set the criminals’ hideout ablaze in a bid to deter thugs from returning to the spot.

They further urged the government and security operatives to put more effort into ensuring that the community remains safe.

Residents near Agege-Oshodi Express Road in Ikeja, Lagos set a criminals' hideout ablaze after handing over the suspects to the police


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