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Nigerians Mock Police Complaints Response Unit Boss On Twitter For Rejecting NBS Corruption Survey

Nigerians have taken to Twitter to mock Mr. Abayomi Shogunle, Head Police Complaints Commission Unit, following his rejection, via Twitter, the report of the survey indicting the Nigerian Police Force for corruption.

The survey, conducted by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), had presented the Police as most corruption-ridden Nigerian federal agency.


 Responding to the survey report, Mr. Shogunle tweeted, on Saturday at 8.03 am, saying the outcome was inaccurate. “Jobless people! Everyone doing bogus study/survey.

Unrealistic “findings” that can’t stand the test of time. Anyway, they must ‘spended’ (sic) the $£€,” he tweeted.

His reaction attracted as blast of angry and mocking ripostes, an indication that majority found the outcome of the NBS survey credible.

ᐧMost respondents believed that Mr. Shogunle’s reaction was rude and an unbecoming of an official of a government agency and lamented poor policing provided by the Force as well as extra-judicial activities it is infamous for. 

One Twitter user, @peekaymila, demanded that Mr. Shogunle carry out his own research and publish the findings. 

More I think you could just do a research on your own and verify or nullify ‘findings.’ After all, it is your job to investigate,” he tweeted. It was a sentiment shared by @EmekaEmezue, who posted:

“If Yomi (Shogunle) is really convinced the police is not bad as depicted by the survey, let him conduct his own. I think it'd be worse than that of NBS.”
Another user, @moverick, tweeted: “Yomi Shogunle has stirred the hornet's nest with his outburst. He cannot pretend to not know how bad most of his men on the streets are.” One Henry Okelue, tweeting as @4eyedmonk, posted:

“Yomi Shogunle needs to rethink this his FPRO job in this age of new media. He either learns how to accommodate it or ask for reassignment.”

A user of the handle@afrispheric described Mr. Shogunle’s attempt to dismiss the survey as petty and foolish. “You, @Yomi Shogunle, cannot publicly disparage NBS. NBS has a history of credible work. Disparaging NBS publicly is petty & foolish,” he posted with barely disguised disgust.

A respondent, @Nopsman1, told Mr. Shogunle that policemen are on the streets in “faded uniforms asking motorists to ‘drop something’. He called on Mr. Shogunle to devote his attention to changing that narrative.