Rapper Jude Abaga, a.ka. MI (Mister Incredible), virtually lost his cool during a Loose Talk podcast hosted by the trio of music critics, Osagie Alonge, Ayomide Tayo, and Steve Dede on Wednesday.

MI, who had arrived at the event in company with another rap artist known as Loose Kaynon, spoke at length about his career and other issues revolving around the music industry in Nigeria.

Apparently, on a mission to correct certain notions about his music, held by the hosts, the rapper confronted the Loose Talk crew for concluding in a review of his albums that everything about it “had gone cold”.

Wondering why, in the same report, one of his earliest albums, titled Chairman, was described in a rather dismissive manner as lacking in “shelf life”, he asked the hosts if they ever bothered to conduct a proper research on his works before reaching a conclusion.

Maintaining that Osagie and his team were wrong to have assumed that his music had suffered a decline, MI asked, “If what you said is the fact, why are my albums still up there?”

In response to the question, Osagie said it was because a few of the songs in the first three albums were still considered relevant and “hot”.

Then, as if determined to make his point, the music critic continued, “The album Chairman is your weakest, MI. Although the quality of the production and the collaborative process are 100 percent okay, the lyrics are very poor. All the yes-men around you won’t tell you the truth about it. The album wasn’t even generally accepted by the public. After that album, you went cold.”

 Osagie noted that, in spite of the flaws that appeared to trail the rapper’s works in recent times, MI’s image as an artist of repute remained intact. 

“It does not remove from your greatness and talent as a rapper. I have always said that you made rap music sociable and popular in this country,” he said.

But MI insisted that the critic’s statement was wrong and unacceptable. “It is your opinion. But I can tell you that your article is garbage because the content is not factual,” he fired back at his host.

The award-winning rapper made other statements during the podcast, such as claiming that commercial banks had never assisted musicians and music entrepreneurs to find their feet in the industry.

However, the podcast, which was posted on the website of an online news portal, Pulse.ng, has been hailed as a positive development for the music industry in Nigeria and an indication that the existing wide gap between musicians and critics will be a thing of the past soon.

Watch video of MI and Loose Talk go at it below:

M.I Abaga, Loose Kaynon, Osagie Alonge & AOT2 on the Greatest #LooseTalkPodcast Ever | Episode 82 Singer, MI Gets Into A Shouting Match With Music Critic

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