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Renowned Columnist, Pius Adesanmi, Wins Top Canadian Education Leadership Award

September 14, 2017

Professor Pius Adesanmi, SaharaReporters’ columnist has been honored with the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) Directors Leadership Award.

Professor Adesanmi, who teaches at Carlton University, Ottawa, Canada, will receive the award, at the CBIE Excellence Awards ceremony at the Bureau's 51st Annual Conference slated to hold from 19 to 22 November.

According to a letter signed by CBIE President/CEO, Karen McBride, a member of the CBIE Board of Directors will present the award to Professor Adesanmi on 21 November.

Professor Adesanmi is the first winner of the CBIE Board of Directors Leadership Award.

According to the CBIE website, the award is given to an individual, who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in the field of international education, demonstrated exceptional leadership in internationalizing Canadian education and/or advancing the international education profession at the national or international level.

Criteria for the award also require the individual to have had an impact on internationalization beyond his institution or organization and to have motivated other individuals and institutions.

The award winner must also be adjudged to have demonstrated creativity with available resources or in finding new resources; occupy a leadership role such as department or faculty head, program or student services director; have a minimum of 10 years in the field, at mid-career or a later stage. The award is only given to one individual annually.