A former Majority Leader of the Osun State House of Assembly, Wahab Olatoye, has described the recent verbal war between Professor Itse Sagay, Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption (PACAC), and the leadership of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) as sign that the party is seriously ill.

Mr. Olatoye, in a press statement, said the APC needs to be quickly rescued if an electoral disaster in the 2019 general elections is to be averted.

“The scathing statements against the leadership of the party by Professor Itse Sagay, to a large extent reflects the view of many Nigerians. The assertion by Professor Sagay that the APC leadership is made up of unprincipled characters and ‘rogue elephants that go about destroying what they should otherwise protect’ is on point,” said Mr. Olatoye.

Given that the party campaigned on an agenda of change, the former legislator said it was surprising that the APC opened its doors to discredited politicians for financial gains. That action, he explained, is the reason for the party’s derailment, a situation symptomized by a lack of synergy between the APC and the government it is running.

“The APC has become a shadow of itself and has alienated most of its founding members and early joiners who, in 2014, were of the view that a responsible platform for national rebirth had arrived. The party has become a herd of sheep, whose shepherd is asleep or has gone astray going by the fact that no organ of the party ever meets to deliberate on party or national issues,” he said. 

This, he added, has resulted in gross indiscipline among members. The politician said the situation in the APC is more pathetic because its members are still in the grip of delirium since the electoral victory of 2015, while the ousted Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has started rebuilding.

He warned that the APC might discover in 2019 that it is ill-prepared for contest against a resurgent PDP. 

“The task before all those who love the party, is to move without delay, if possible, to arrest the prevailing leadership incompetence, confusion and intimacy with unbridled corruption which has estranged the original stakeholders of the party, and rendered the latter impotent,” he stated.

Obasanjo and APC leaders in a group photograph

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