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AUDIO: The Reason I Hate Working With Buhari - Tijanni Zangon Daura

October 11, 2017

Tijjani Zangon Daura in one of his interviews said it was because of Masari that he decided to stop supporting President Muhammadu Buhari, his relationship with APC Akida (Apc faction in Katsina) and his position about Abba Kari being in President Buhari’s govt

Introduction to Kowanne tsunstu ( a program that gives the people of Katsina an avenue to air their opinions). I am kabob Sa’idu Bahaushe Dandagoro, the presenter.

Alhaji Tijjani Zangon Daura, aka Sani Dan Kawu, has aired his opinion about the reasons he stopped supporting Buhari and why a faction was created in Katsina State because some people have hijacked the government, and that Buhari too is infallible. 

Tajjani Zangon Daura:  My name is Tijjani Zangon Daura, aka Tijjanin Dan Kawu, I am about 71 years old. I did my primary school in Zangon Daura, we were the pioneer Secondary school in Daura that was established in 1958. I started my post-primary in Dustinma, after it was closed I came back to the craft school for 3 years then proceeded to the Technical College in Kano. When civil war broke, schools were closed and students were transferred to, some Nigerian railing, some P&T, some Nigerian Airways, but I declined, I then chose the private sector because I wanted to come back and continue my education. By then it was only UAC, they took me in 1967 to Lagos, that was my first time and there was only one bridge then, after working for like 2 years then went to Yaba College of Technology and I fought with a teacher then left and came back to the company and continued my job, at the end, the sent mew to England for 6 months and I learned advertisement, since it was a media company, because that was my work. During my stay in England I stayed in London, Coventry, Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Cardiff, I walked all those places barefooted looking for advertisement. I did 2 courses at Impororecial posters and mid and Alms, they taught me how to change black to white. That is my working life history.

In politics, I once joined NEPU in Kano at Technical college in 1964, during NEPU and NPC at the shop of Yakasai’s father writing poem for NEPU which they will give us 3 cents if we do it with a good handwriting. When I came back here I started clubs and associations which shocked some politicians, we will talk about that later.

Presenter: Thank you. You were among those that created a faction in Kaduna, criticism followed and you specifically was mentioned and insulted, why you?

Tijjani Zangon Daura: Everybody knows those that formed the faction, I wasn’t part of it. Those that did it are Senator Yar’adua and others. He called me telling me “ sir we have chosen you among those we want to come and greet at home to explain to you what made us do that. Then I asked him where are you? He said they were at Dr. Usman Bugaje’s house, then I said let me come then. 
When I came I realized that those who were at the gathering were actually those people who have helped Masari at some point in his life. I have never helped Masari. In fact, in 2011, I left Buhari because of him. Because it was unjust to bring him at that time. So I said to them, are you trying to repeat by doing this/ we all smiled. Then I felt what they did is what I should have done.

Presenter: Why?

Tijjani Zangon Daura: Because it was because of Masari’s candidature I left Buhari. I was with him since ANPP in 2003, 2007. I told him APP governors don't like him and he should watch them.  In 2011 when CPC was formed, I sat before him and told him please sir don’t allow PDP members to come to this party. They will come with money and may eventually hijack the party leaving those who have worked for you at there mercy. They will stand for Senate, governorship and those that fooled you will have nothing. He said “How could they leave their party because of unjust practices and we shouldn’t welcome them?. I said what we need to do is to guard our post.

Because at that time who I wanted was Mannir Yakubu, who I said to him is your inlaw because his wife is the daughter of Durbi who is your brother. I told him nobody will do to Daura zone good like Mannir because we have been together with him since APP. The problem is people don’t want us to stay Buhari is infallible, and he is because he is a human. Don’t tell me we are not helping him. In our society, if you point his mistakes people will accuse you of making a mistake. I have always told him the truth. I first met him while he was President and I was a commissioner in Kaduna state. I was made a commissioner for a reason. Two people stood for me, Mamman Daura and Sani Zangon Daura, both of them had different motives. I will not say it now. Recently too i fought with Sani Zangon Daura which I have decided now to disclose.

Presenter: We will come to that, but we would like you to tell us about your relationship with president Buhari and APC Akida the faction in Katsina)

Tijjani Zangon Daura:  good, good, I joined the faction because I want to correct the mistake of bringing in Masari. Mannir Yakubu knows Mamman Abubakar Dan Musa knows, Armaya’u knows, Buhari too knows, Masari did mistakes too. Masari was responsible for the arson that accused in Funtua. I cannot be going places asking people to vote for him, I cannot. Buhari said he wants Masari, I said I cannot.

When Buhari was overthrown, after incarceration and sent to Kaduna, it was only me and one AIG Laval that goes to see him. I will go early in the morning by 10 till after Isha prayer. That was when Babangida was in power. Even when he joined politics, i was one of his closest lieutenants, but when he said it has to be Masari I left. There are other things but since you said you will ask I will say them later. 

I thought after winning in 19 states except for Gombe and Taraba and Kwara because of the Saraki Family. All those who came into power after 2015 did so because of Buhari. But it is sad he didn’t do anything for Daura and Katsina state. It is sad that we can say PDP is better than his government. Everybody knows Shema did well. My only problem with Shema is that he didn’t do anything for Daura and that he later made state treasury like his own. It is not just to just paint schools and claim they are your work. In Kano that he sees that, it was because Kwankwaso built them himself. `Therefore I am here to fight Masari. He didn’t do justice to Buhari and the state. He came against our will. Some said he constructed a road in Fago, it is a lie, it was done by PTF. He made it scrapped and leveled, only did the finishing part. We are indigenes of Katsina and we will come and say it. If he asks the commissioner of Police to stop us, we will go to Abuja and get a permit. Recently he was endorsed to stand in 2019, he gathered state directors telling them the state cannot recruit teachers. this is unjust They are just party.

What they said is not my problems. I learned that they sat at the govt house with commissioner of justice from Daura, none of them can confront me. If I am to disclose his pedigree he will be shocked. They were talking about Sani Mango, Sani knows me, let them join me. When they were fighting Buhari in PDP I was at APP fighting for Buhari. I don’t have any problem with Mamman Daura.

Presenter: But it was said you have issues with him

Tijjani Zangon Daura: He confronted me and told me that he has learned that I allegedly asked Buhari to keep a distance between himself, and Mamman Daura and Abba Kari. I said to him what position has he given to you that somebody will ask him to dismiss you? Nobody can ask relatives to separate. But it is known everywhere that you are the one that brought Abba Kyari, and Abba Kyari is a problem to this govt. Why won’t they move back and allow governs to move smoothly?

Secondly, I use to call Buhari and advised him. But later I was blocked. everybody knows how Halilu Getso was doing that program. I called him I explained to him that I came from a media company, I know its value. He asked me to contact one govt official that I will not disclose now. He said they don’t have money. Am I not helping him? All those things I did them to promote his government. Saying he is not making a mistake is a great disservice to him. 

Presenter: What are the problems you see?

Everybody is talking about Mamman Daura and Abba Kyari, Abba Kyari is blocking everybody from seeing the President. Even of recent, about they Kachiwku- NNPC thing, Abba Kari was mentioned. Why would he take himself to NNPC board? is his work as chief of staff not enough for him? Me and your friend Sani Zangon Daura we have done this in your house and he said to me I send to Buhari to dismiss Mamman Daura. I don’t know even his position but I know he is the who brought Abba Kyari whose disappointed Buhari to People.  We want Buhari to use his opportunity to do some which is valuable to our people in Daura now its two years. I’m afraid to tell the truth because I receive the text masssage warning to kill me not now since when i was a commissioner in old Kaduna state I know and I have not even mentioned the names. I fought with different people even with traditional rulers i’m not afraid anybody. I told Mamman Daura two times and he said to me if he didn’t do it they take the sin. Everybody in Nigeria voted Buhari in the last election. Some people shave seen that now we are not together with Buhari they are around up till know its set-up since 2011 election when they arrange Masari to become a governor of Katsina state. they insulted me in Buhari’s hose and I met him and he said the person whose insulted me is he’s in-law so no need to him to say anything. i said to me your excellency you are justice to me in your house somebody insulted me and you didn’t say anything. If is me somebody insults Buhari I will take an action whoever. 

Anybody come to media and saying he like Buhari is a lie, which kind of liking to come out and abusing his family, his wife that gave birth to his 5 children or you are a governor while you want Buhari to die to become vice president? Masari went to Villa and asking Osibanjo to become a vice president because he is from Katsina state the same state with Buhari.

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AUDIO: The Reason I Hate Working With Buhari - Tijanni Zangon Daura

We came to Katsina and blast whatever Masari plans. And we know all his problems since from his forgery certificate that he said about schooling in England. We know anybody that enter Buhari umbrella an showing that they together with Buhari now, for example, Mustafa Inuwa he is the one that blocks us to enter Katsina when he was a Katsina state secretary government and now saying they are together with Buhari. All of them we know them. A person insults you in morning and in the night he said he like you, this is a great lie is a sign of hypocrisy. Anybody with Muhammadu Buhari in APP, ANPP, CPC now is not with Buhari. if we finish with the state we go to federal and we tell Buhari the true a lot of people lost their lives because of him, lost their properties.

Presenter: Have you starting calling for reconciling?

Masari will not reconcile, what I want Masari does not become a governor 2019, but if Allah gives him we don’t have any choice they only thing for us to ask a forgiveness. May Allah forgive us. I heard that Masari gathered thugs in Government house to attack us whenever we are in Katsina. In all Nigerian state not state apart from Kwara state that higher Katsina in term of schooler both western and Islamic, but Masari is rolling them, Oh! Katsina’s people shame to you.

Presenter: how do you see some people think you are not together with them?

First of all, I'm not an APC member and I even don’t have APC members card registration. I do my struggle become of Buhari. I am in politics since the 1980s  when a contest for senator but I failed after three months I became a commissioner in Kaduna I use to visit Buhari those days nobody like to visit Buhari because of fairing General Babangida. Which kind of liking to come out in media and abusing your family, his wife that gave birth to his 5 children.