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How Arrogant, Restless And Rude Governor Nyesom Wike Disgraced Himself In London Over Abandoned Rivers State Students

November 7, 2017

Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers state made a mess of himself yesterday in London as Rivers state students studying in the UK confronted him with their complaints during and after his speech at Chatham House in London.

Some of the students who have been in the UK on government scholarship told Saharareporters they mobilized themselves to engage the governor to alert him to their plight as their previous efforts to do so had been ignored by Mr. Wike’s regime.

Some of the students stationed themselves inside the Chatham House hall where the governor delivered a long speech titled “Defining Development for Rivers State and Steps to Sustainable Implementation”. Soon as the question and answer question commenced one of the students raised the issue of abandoned Rivers state scholarship students with the governor, but his answers were less than satisfactory.

When Governor Wife left the venue of his talk a group of students calmly waited outside with placards, upon sighting them Mr. Wike became enraged and started insulting them from the doorway, telling them to drop their placards and that he had gone past that. When the situation became rowdy, he became restless and fidgeting, but that didn’t stop him from further insulting the protesting students claiming one of them was “very rude” before arrogantly walking away from the students into a waiting car.