At least five people were killed while six persons wounded when multiple blasts rocked Maiduguri on Tuesday, an eyewitness said.

Four female bombers stormed Kaleri Area, an outskirt of Maiduguri in Mafa Local Government Area, and exploded the IEDs wrapped around their bodies, killing at least one farmer and injuring six others.

Ba' Kura Muhammad said the first bombers attacked local farmers on their farmland.

"At about 8:23 am there was a loud sound in our area so we were confused, some minutes later the second occurred near military sand bags, injuring a CJTF member."

"At least five were killed including one civilian, while seven farmers were taking to the hospital", said Muhammad.

The EOD Unit of Borno police, detonated a suicide vest that was removed by one of the bombers. 
Police in Maiduguri

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