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Donald Trump Is A One Trick Pony And A Bully By Dr. Wumi Akintide

November 10, 2017

I use this write-up to formally apologize to all of the fans of this column who feel concerned enough to remind me that my prediction that Donald could not win in 2016 and that if he won, he was going to be a chaos president and a disaster like Jeb Bush has brilliantly predicted.

I use this write-up to formally apologize to all of the fans of this column who feel concerned enough to remind me that my prediction that Donald could not win in 2016 and that if he won, he was going to be a chaos president and a disaster like Jeb Bush has brilliantly predicted.

 I respect all of you for reminding me, but I also reserve the right to remind you that close to 70 percent or slightly higher of the major pundits in America and pundits around the world including Fox News and even his Republican apologists and collaborators led by Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell also had their doubts that Trump could win. 

They reluctantly  jumped into his band wagon because they were persuaded that he, Donald Trump, the worst unconventional candidate to ever run for president probably knew something the power brokers in his party did not know or fully understand in that election.

 They were hell-bent still to play along with him because they have been out of power for too long in their convoluted minds. They had a plausible motivation to support him with some hidden trepidation even though they all knew he was as crazy, unpredictable, unethical and fraudulent as they come.

 But they knew he could presumably deliver the White House to them thru subterfuge, even if he had to break all of the rules in the book and violate all of their sense of decency, their values and principles to get them to the White House.

 I used to have some soft spot for the Republicans even though I was in the dye-in-the-wool liberal in my student days, I lost the little modicum of respect I have for the Republicans when I saw them begin to drag their feet on whether or not to call the bluff of Donald Trump who has tarnished their reputation forever at least in my book and people who think like me.

I actually smell a rat when Mitch McConnell the Republican Majority Leader would not even allow or schedule a hearing on the Obama nomination for the Supreme Court, and when he ran out the clock on that nomination because he wanted the new president to be the one to fill the vacant slot.

 My question was why was he so sure that the new president was going to be a Republican?  I don’t know about you but I do know that Mitch had to know something the rest of us did not know to take that position and quantum leap as a consummate politician.

 If Mitch McConnell was expecting Hillary to win, he would not have done what he did. That is docket number one for me. The docket number 2 is what happened after Donald Trump came from nowhere to win due to what we are now finding out that Trump had leaned heavily on a foreign Adversary like Vladimir Putin and the KGB to influence the elections in the 5 to 6 Swing States in America to give Trump an edge in the outdated Electoral College "abracadabra" like illusionist Houdini would have called it. 

Trump and his KGB collaborators had used their clandestine manipulations to change broad daylight into utter darkness and to come from behind to win an election he had clearly lost to Hillary by 3 million which is bigger than the total population of many countries of the world which embrace the principle of one man, one vote that has been the foundation pillar of Democracy from the beginning of time.

 It is not a sheer coincidence that Trump decided to reward Mitch McConnell by picking his wife as one of his cabinet members.  You all can read the tea leaf from that development. Donald Trump knew he was in cahoots with Vladimir Putin and the KGB to get him to the White House by all means.

That is why he would never criticize Putin who has put him in a box, so to speak and could expose him, if he behaves differently. That is the reason Robert Mueller has to get to the bottom of what happened to preempt a future occurrence because it would happen again and if it does, forget it, America is forever compromised. Republicans must be told that in no mistakable terms.

 America which has always championed the principle of one man, one vote elsewhere around the world has suddenly jettisoned that principle in America in deference to the Electoral College contraption which says you can win an election in which 137 million people voted and still lose in a back-up to that election in which only 538 hand-picked electors voted. It is completely absurd. 

That was precisely how Donald Trump was able to snatch victory from the jaws of a humiliating defeat by robbing Hillary of her well-deserved victory. Sooner or later, nemesis is going to catch up with Trump and his collaborators. The results of last Tuesday elections in the nook and corners of America have born an eloquent testimony to that fact, if you are paying attention.  

Left to me alone, America has forfeited the right to condemn Russia and other communist and authoritarian regimes around the world for doing what America has done and continues to do by allowing the Electoral College foggy mathematics and logic to eclipse the popular vote in American elections.

I said it before and I would repeat it here that the Electoral College conundrum has outlived its usefulness in a Democracy and should long have been jettisoned just like the Second Amendment right to own guns in America should long have been revisited and amended to reflect the true wishes and preference of the great majority of Americans who want the provision redrafted. 

I am a gun owner but I want the government to be able to withdraw my license to own that gun if I become delusional and mentally-challenged or if I turn a hardened criminal or a domestic violence perpetrator. That is what we are talking about.

This observation was part of the calculation of Donald Trump and company to hold the whole country to ransom by doing whatever it took to get themselves into the White House by hook or crook. That explains why the Republicans with the exception of a few principled ones among them like John McCain, John Flakes, Corker and Susan Collin,s and the powerful and principled female Senator from Alaska have continued to drag their feet on whether or not to call the bluff of the most incompetent and dangerous candidate America has ever elected as president.

I call Donald Trump a one-trick pony of a president in this article for that reason and the other reasons I am going to briefly articulate with the remaining paragraphs of this article if you bear with me.

We judge every American president minus Abraham Lincoln and a few of them based on their failure or success in their domestic and foreign policy. It does not matter how well they perform in their domestic policy, they are considered a failure if they fail in their foreign policy because America cannot long remain the "Leader of the Free World" if it continues to intimidate and antagonize all of her allies. 

Donald Trump is saying that all countries must place the interest of their country above that of other countries because that is what he believes. If he is going to always champion the interest of America while refusing to give any leeway or any room for the other countries to enjoy the fruits of their sovereignty as an independent and autonomous country, he is asking for trouble and rebellion like he is now getting from North Korea whose fundamental sin is because they want a leveler like nuclear power to guarantee their own safety and security as an independent country.

I cannot knock North Korea or Iran for wanting to have their own nuclear power just like tiny state of Israel. If Donald Trump wants them to desist from developing nuclear power he can only do so by taking a script from the Obama play book but Trump is just too arrogant to do that.  

Donald Trump would have already ordered a bombardment of North Korea like Ronald Reagan did to Grenada but for the nuclear deterrence. If I were Kim Jong Un, I would not denuclearize, and I would let Donald Trump do his worst, if he has the “Cayenne” because I know the true America that I know would not let if the push comes to shove. 

Donald Trump would tell you he is among the greatest presidents in American History because he is a delusional, narcissist, and nihilist who believes in praising himself even when he has done nothing to merit or justify that claim.

I call him a one-trick pony because he believes that whatever he does is always the best and by foolishly gloating and telling the whole world that he does not need a full complement of staff at the State Department to run an effective foreign policy because he does not need to fill all those vacant slots because his decision as Commander-in-Chief is the only thing that matters.

I can imagine a Vladimir Putin or Kim Jong Un or Pope John Francis making such a pronouncement but never an American President or a British Prime Minister. It was a most foolish statement to come out of the mouth of any leader or president anywhere in the world.

By talking like that, he has cut his nose to spite his face and he has undermined or thrown his Secretary of State and all his senior staff at the State Department under the bus by destroying their credibility. He is showing himself not to be a team player. He has more or less exposed his ultimate goal and morbid craze to be a dictator rather than a "Constitutional president". I believe he has surrounded himself with so many generals as a first step to becoming a dictator if America would let him. 

He is a one-trick pony president because he believes that totalitarian or absolute power is all that he needs to achieve all of his goals as president. He considers the three tiers of government and the fourth Estate of the Realm and the so-called separation of powers as a complete waste of his time. If he has his way he would long have wiped out North Korea and its 25 million people from the surface of the Earth because he is a bully who wants to use American power like a lion by tearing up the weak and defenseless countries just because he can.

His pronouncements and body language suggest that, if you don’t believe me just watch him talk on television,  or watch his alter ego and impersonator Alec Baldwin on Saturday Night Live and you will agree with me that Donald Trump is a one-trick pony and a very divisive figure. 

He over-praises any country he want to use and demonizes any country he wants to attack. China was to him a currency manipulator and rapist before he became president. Now that he wants to use China as a surrogate to intimidate and beat up on china, he is now singing the praise of the Chinese leader to the high heavens. He forgets that the Chinese leader has seen his weakness as a highly compromised leader who may not survive for too long. 

China did not become a member of the Security Council of the United States with a veto power by playing a second fiddle to a crazy and delusional Donald Trump. The Chinese leader is going to outlast Donald Trump and would use him to get China to where it needs to be as a world leader in the Pacific Region by reason of its land mass and the size of its population which is the biggest in the world. Donald Trump is a big fool not to factor that into his calculus with China. The predecessors of Donald Trump in the White House all understand that because they all are far smarter than Trump and decidedly so.    

Donald Trump looks himself in the mirror and what he sees is a Lilliputian Adolf Hitler or a diminutive Napoleon. He does not tell the truth. He talks too much about himself and cannot see any good or any strength in anyone who disagrees with him. He delegitimizes such opponents and runs them down. He did it with all of the more than 17 candidates who fought against him in the primary season and he did it to Hillary Clinton in the presidential election.

Donald Trump exaggerates and he foolishly declares it is the right of every country to take undue advantage of another country. I am not at all surprised that seasoned Secretaries of State like Henry Kissinger Madeleine Albright and John Kerry not to talk of Hillary who left the office with 63 percent approval would be shaking to their pants to hear an American president and "Leader of the Free World" talk like that.  Americans should be shocked and traumatized to hear their president talk like that.

I recently watched on YouTube a few interviews granted by Barack Obama to the press. The one that touched me the most was the one conducted or moderated by Oprah Winfrey. It was a virtuoso performance by the interviewer and the interviewees.

Obama describes Michelle as the wind beneath his wings and with utmost respect, civility and decorum that are totally above the pay grade of Donald Trump who treats Melania like a glorified house maid who is being tolerated for her services. 

It should not surprise anybody at all if their marriage ends in a divorce after he is out of office in a year or two. I don’t see him completing his term in that office because he is just too scandal-prone and reckless.

He is making a serious mistake as a one-trick pony to believe that the end justifies the means. He thinks he will be fine and survive if only he can deliver on the agenda he has promised his base and the generality of American voters, but he totally forgets that those promises are unfulfillable because he lacks the competence, the wisdom, the maturity, and the temperament to deliver them.

 Most of those promises like his tax reform initiative and his Health Care Reform packages are self-serving and very irrational. Donald Trump who has always cheated on his tax returns and therefore would not voluntarily submit his returns for public scrutiny wants to save trillions of dollars by not paying taxes on all of his multi-million dollar investments and illegal businesses and money laundering violations in America and other places around the world. 

That is why he is pursuing serious deregulations everywhere because he knows where there is no law there can be no crime. He is busy canceling all of the regulations and rules put in place by all of his predecessors so he can have a free hand to do what he likes and to make a huge profit out of running for president, win or lose, like he once boasted on television camera.

Thank God for America that Robert Mueller is there to clip his wings and to minimize the horrendous damage his presidency is likely to unleash on America. It is a chain of events and horrors that nobody can predict. The check and balances in the American system that are now being uprooted by Donald Trump and his illegitimate government are what have made America the greatest and the best experiment in human history.

I feel so sorry for America to have elected a President who is such an empty barrel and who is so limited in his vocabulary that he cannot express himself well and cannot be called a good communicator like Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama. The three presidents are so eloquent and charismatic that I weep for America when I compare them to the scumbag now in the White House.

I call Donald Trump a one-trick pony that is so fixed in his way that he cannot learn a thing. He is a 5-year-old boy trapped in a 72-year-old body. Expecting him to change will be like flogging a dead horse.  He can never be an uniter and he is so incorrigible that he cannot change. He wants to fight his own battle and he does not know how to pick his battles and how to let go of some battles he ought to know he cannot win. 

He is that way because he himself has told that nation he has an awesome brain and does not forget anything except when he wants to commit or hide a crime. He actually told America he is better than all of the American generals combined. 

He delegates to his generals without giving them authority so when they make a horrendous mistake like they did in Niger when 4 American soldiers were ambushed and killed by ISIS, he quickly refused to take responsibility. He very quickly threw the general- in-charge under the bus even though he is the Commander-in-Chief. 

He is now reported to have been complaining that it was Jared Krushner who misled him to fire James Comey, a move that has now led to all of his misery and could predictably lead to his impeachment and eventual resignation when all of the criminal violations are exposed and traced back to the Criminal-in-Chief sitting in the glass house in the White House where he keeps throwing stones and sending tweets that have now put him in legal jeopardy as we speak.  

I rest my case.