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Nigerian Army Brigadier General Faces Court Martial For Spreading Rumor About Pres Buhari's "Death", Demanding $600,000 Bribe

Brigadier-General Lym Hassan (N/826) will face prosecution by a military court-martial for falsely claiming that President Muhammadu Buhari had died when the latter was hospitalized in London and for demanding a $600,000 bribe from a defense contractor. According to the Nigerian Army Headquarters charge sheet exclusively obtained by SaharaReporters, the first of the two-count charge stated that Brigadier-General Hassan, in a phone conversation on January 17, told one Mr. Yarima Ibrahim, that President Buhari was dead.

Mr. Ibrahim's address, according to the charge sheet signed by Major-General JS Malu and dated October 11, is 2nd Avenue, EFAB Estate, Life Camp, Abuja.   The alleged offense, the charge sheet stated, was "prejudicial to good order and service discipline" and amounted to a contravention of Section 103(1) of the Armed Forces Act (AFA) CAP 20 LFN 2004.                

On the second count, Brigadier-General Hassan was alleged to have, on February 24, demanded a bribe of $600,000 from OPEMS Integrated Concepts Limited. The demand was allegedly made in respect of a contract awarded for the relocation of Nigeria Level 11 Hospital, Mali, to its permanent site in Timbuktu. According to the Army headquarters, the alleged offense amounted to scandalous conduct and is a contravention of Section 91 of Armed Forces Act (AFA) CAP A 20 LFN 2004.


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