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Nigeria Army Admits Shooting In Chibok, Raises Investigative Panel

The Headquarters of 28 Task Force Brigade of the Nigerian Army has admitted the shooting incident, which resulted in the death of an Army Captain T Mani and a Staff Sergeant Silas Ninyo in Chibok, Borno State, on Sunday. The Army has also set up a  Board of Inquiry (BOI) to investigate the incident.     

This was made known in a statement signed by Brigadier-General  SK Usman, Director, Army Public Relations. According to the statement, at about 12.50pm on Sunday,  the 28 Task Force was informed that a Staff Sergeant, identified in the Army situation report as Silas Ninyo, was seen to be drunk and misbehaving towards civilians.  An officer, identified in the situation report as Captain T. Mani, was directed to go and bring him back to base.                                   

Captain Mani, added the statement,  did his best but Staff Sergeant Ninyo, resisted entreaties to calm him down and disarm him.                 

"Unfortunately, the Staff Sergeant shot the officer dead and then killed himself. Their remains have since been evacuated to a military facility. The BOI is expected to investigate the incident and promptly turn in its report and findings in one week," said the statement. 

It described the Nigerian Army as a professional force with zero-tolerance for indiscipline and misdemeanor. It also lamented the death of the officer and the Staff Sergeant, describing such as a great loss to the unit and the Nigerian Army. 

 Meanwhile, Chibok community members told SaharaReporters that Sergeant Ninyo was involved in a fight against a civilian who was dating his girlfriend, one "Esther" and the community members alerted his superiors to his strange behavior. He shot the superior and 4 others before killing himself. the Nigerian army is silent on other civilian casualties.