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INTERVIEW: Ojukwu’s Son ‘Of No Consequence’ To APGA — Obiano

The governor of Anambra State, Willie Obiano, has given reasons why he won Saturday’s election.

The governor of Anambra State, Willie Obiano, has given reasons why he won Saturday’s election. 

Mr. Obiano won re-election by a landslide, winning all the 21 local governments.

The governor met with President Muhammadu Buhari in his office on Friday and State House correspondents engaged him on a short interview after the visit:

Q. Why are you at the Villa today?

A. I came to see the president and to thank him for keeping to his words that the election in Anambra will be free and fair and that is exactly how it went. I’m very happy to come to report to him personally on the success of the election.

Q. Did you expect to win such a contentious election?

A. Well, I thank God, it is the Lord’s doing. To win 21 over 21 is not an easy task, it just showed the faith the people had in me and that is exactly why it happened and I thank Ndi Anambra for the confidence reposed in me and reassure them that this will encourage me to work harder. 

Q. How do you intend to unite the people?

A. Well, we have extended olive branch to my colleagues, my friends that contested with me and as you can see they have all congratulated me and we will hold hands and match on. You see, our private ambitions can never be greater than the interest of Anambra State. I believe we are working on well.

Q. What are the new assurances you got from Mr. President?

A. Well, Mr. President was excited that the votes of Ndi Anambra counted and that is a legacy he wants to leave behind, that he conducts free and fair elections without any interference from the federal.

Q. Will your relationship with Peter Obi be smooth now?

A. I don’t have a problem with anybody. I’m doing well, I don’t have a problem with anybody.

Q. How are you going to strengthen your party?

A. My party is very strong in the South-east and that you will see very soon in the coming elections and from there we will match on.

Q.There are insinuations you are planning to dump APGA for APC?

A. No. Never. That is totally unfounded. I will never leave APGA, I’m the leader and the BoT chairman of APGA and again by God’s grace the governor and governor-elect.

Q. Are you going to woo back Ojukwu’s son who left your party recently?

A. He is of no consequence I’m sorry to say.