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#ENDSARS: Police Must Not Trigger A Revolution In Nigeria By Ignoring A Strident Call For Overhaul- Convener, Sega Awosanya

December 5, 2017

As the #EndSars campaigns continue, it's convener Sega Awosanya has sent a warning to the Nigeria Police Force not to cause a revolution in the country through their disregard of Nigerians #ENDSARS campaign.

This came after he was accused by the PRO of the Nigeria Police Force,  Jimoh Moshood, as being sponsored by some politicians to cause havoc in the country.

In an interview with ChannelsTV, Moshood had stated that the campaign was political. This is coming few hours after same force PRO earlier described campaigners of the #EndSars as armed robbers.

However, Mr. Awosanya, speaking with Saharareporters, explained that the campaigns was about citizens' action on the systematic rot in the country.

He said,  “In the spirit of understanding, we are not asking for the Police to be disbanded, we are asking for a shutdown of a demonstrably criminal network within the Police structure and a general Police reform."

“Our authorities should take responsibility and look into those institutional gaps that make it possible for some police personnel to act beyond what the law permits. The unprofessional attitude of the police is deep and has existed over a long period. We can all agree that this has been made worse by the lack appropriate recruitment policy, which is subject to abuse by almost everybody. As such we end up recruiting persons of questionable characters due to lack of proper vetting.” The #ENDSARS convener added.


Mr. Awosanya asserted that Nigerians are asking for a conscious system overhaul that has suffered neglect over the years and buried under political rhetorics.

Speaking further, he said “The issue is beyond protests. We have a voice and we control the social media space, even if we are irrelevant in the political space as systemically disenfranchised. We are using our united voices to demand that government pay attention to critical issues that is decimating our people.”

The #EndSars convener further expressed that a disbanding of the Police Force is not an option because that will leave room for increased crime rates. But the authorities MUST identify the bad eggs & deal with them accordingly, while encouraging those who are good & professional with regards to Police impunity & corruption.

He explained that the movement will continue to bridge the gap to protect the lives of Nigerians in collecting data on impunity of all kinds especially on the activities of Police and SARS, which will be displayed on the media space.  

Mr. Awosanya revealed he was utterly disgusted at the dearth of intelligence of the Police institutions in the country. He insisted he has nothing against any individual in the Police and the campaign is to protect future of the country and Nigerians. 

“Citizens must participate in Nation building and we have started that Movement. It is non political, non religious and has nothing to do with ethnic extraction. The Police in order to protect their crumbling empire must not trigger a revolution. They have since proven themselves as vindictive oppressors of the Nigerian people with their inebriated reaction in the media before the entire world."

He affirmed that the campaign would remain strong and loud until the demand of the people to end SARS operations in the country is met.