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The Teflon President With Nine Lives Is On His Way Out By Dr. Wumi Akintide

December 7, 2017

The Teflon outlaw with 9 lives came to town promising to undo everything Obama has done while promising to “make America great again,” as if America has ever at any time lost her greatness following the end of the Second World War.

You probably know who I am talking about. The Teflon President with nine lives I have in mind is nobody else but Donald J. Trump. Can any of you reading this write-up imagine Barack Obama, who twice won the popular vote and the Electoral College tallies and who spent 8 good years in the White House without a single scandal, being described as a cat with 9 lives?

Not by a long shot. The answer to the rhetorical question has to be a resounding no. Poor Obama as President of the United States would long have been skinned alive and sacrificed to the gods by the Republicans who obstructed him every step of the way during all of his 8 years in the White House all in the name of partisan politics.

You would have thought they would have left him off the hook the moment he left office, but Republicans and their Narcissist-in-Chief in the White House have not left Obama alone for one brief moment. In fact, the grossly ignorant and incompetent lunatic in the White House still finds some ways to blame Obama or Hillary  even for some of his own insanity or foolishness while fraudulently claiming  to be the smartest President America has ever put in office.

What is so offensive is that the hypocrites in his Republican base are buying the garbage and defending the impossible because all they care about is supporting the man who is going to put money in their pockets because his greatest motivation for seeking the Presidency is to make money and to make his family and few friends so rich that they would kill to have him removed from office, should it come to that. America under Trump is no longer the America we used to know and the Republican Party has become a den of thieves and sexual predators that have lost their moral compass as a major political party in God’s own country.

In cahoots with Trump, Republicans have not ended their campaign of calumny to humiliate, blackmail and delegitimize Barack Obama, the first black President.

Even though the White House was built with slave labor, as widely documented by historians, no black man was ever expected to live in that majestic building that the arrogant Donald Trump, in one of his craziest moments, has described as a “dump.”

The guy is just too arrogant to admit that the Obama couple was far superior to him and his Melania in intellect and education. Barack earned his education from Columbia and Harvard while Michelle earned her own from Princeton and Harvard.

It doesn’t get any better than that for any American President dead or alive but the “C” average student from an undergraduate business program would tell you he is the smartest dude in the universe who never makes a mistake or regrets anything. He sounds to me like a reincarnated Adolf Hitler who told the Anglo-Saxons they were the most superior white race in the world who must dominate the world. Donald Trump is pretty much preaching the same doctrine today. His latest unilateral announcement to make Jerusalem the undivided capital of the Zionist Regime without consultation with any of America’s traditional allies is tantamount to suicide and a move that will go down in infamy, to quote the immortal words of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Donald Trump once boasted that he was far more experienced than all of the American generals combined. He is therefore seeking to invalidate or demolish anything the first black President had ever done during his 8 glorious years in the White House.

The one-term young Senator from Illinois was elected President in 2008 and re-elected again in 2012 with a wider margin.  He turned around the American economy while reducing unemployment in America to the lowest it had ever been in 20 years. He killed Osama Bin Laden and he passed into law the Affordable Health Care Reform Law that offered medical insurance coverage to 46 million Americans with the stroke of his pen.

The Teflon outlaw with 9 lives came to town promising to undo everything Obama has done while promising to “make America great again,” as if America has ever at any time lost her greatness following the end of the Second World War. Nothing could be farther from the truth, but his Republican base and some charlatans in the party are buying the cheap blackmail from a delusional outlaw in the White House.

Even though Trump had lost the popular vote by 3 million votes to Hillary Clinton, he still managed to ride on the coattails of Vladimir Putin and the KGB to put himself in the White House against the better judgment of the 65 million Americans who voted for his opponent.

My point is that if Barack Obama had committed just a fraction of the crimes and violations of the norms of decency that Donald Trump has committed less than one year into his Presidency, Obama would long have been thrown out of office and sent to jail and Republicans in their hypocrisy and racism would have made that a justification to bar any colored person from ever aspiring to be President again.

Ii is Donald Trump that I call the Houdini of American Politics for how and why he has survived up to this moment despite all of the atrocities he has committed as a candidate and now as President for close to one year.

If Barack Obama had uttered half the statements credited to Donald Trump, he would never have secured the nomination of the Democratic Party in 2008 and would have been ostracized for life.

I seek your indulgence to go back to memory lane to remind some of the fans of this column about the America we used to know before crazy Donald Trump showed up. Eagleton was dropped from nomination as running mate due to a history of mental health illness. Spiro Agnew, Vice President to Richard Nixon, was defrocked for tax evasion and fraud. Joseph Biden was forced to drop out of his Presidential bid at a point in his career because he was found guilty of plagiarism in one of his stump speeches - he  lifted a quotation from Neil Kinnock, a Labour Party leader in Britain without acknowledging his source.

Gerald Ford lost to Jimmy Carter in 1976 in large part because he pardoned Richard Nixon, an unconvicted felon, for obstruction of justice and for displaying ignorance when he stated in one of his debates with Jimmy Carter that the now-defunct Soviet Union did not dominate Eastern Europe.

George Bush lost to Bill Clinton for going back on his “read my lips” pledge not to increase taxes. The voters concluded he had told a lie even though he was one of the most honorable and dependable men of honor ever to serve as American President.

I gave all of these examples to show how Donald Trump would appear to have completely changed all the rules of the game for anyone who will be President in America. Republicans nominated a man who has had more than 4000 litigations against him in the Court of Law, most of those litigations he had to settle out of Court because he was too embarrassed to let them go forward.

Republicans nominated a man who falsely tried to delegitimize the man he was going to replace by claiming Obama was not born in America. Republicans nominated a man whose Trump Plaza Building in New York was already known to be the money laundering capital of the world.

Republicans nominated a man who claimed he loved to sexually assault women by “grabbing their pussies” because they allowed him to commit the crime because he was a star who could get away with murder. He actually gloated that his supporters would still vote for him even if he had shot and killed a man on 5th Avenue in broad daylight in Manhattan. Republicans nominated and elected a pathological liar who is never ashamed to blackmail his opponents by calling them names and insulting them and getting away with everything.

Republicans nominated a man whose financial and business record with American banks and financial houses across the board were so bad that no American Bank was willing to do business with him because he had swindled them time and again. Republicans nominated and elected a man who had been divorced three times and who has filed for Bankruptcy more than five times and a man who has bluntly refused to submit his tax returns for public scrutiny because he has managed to avoid paying taxes for more than 20 years.

Republicans nominated and elected a con artist who is not afraid to lie his way out of every problem and a man who has openly tried to undermine NATO and many of the time-honored agreements all of his predecessors in the White House had committed to for more than 70 years.

They elected a hoodlum who openly colluded or conspired with the KGB while openly casting aspersion on the credibility of the American CIA and FBI. Republicans elected a man who wants to repeat Harry Truman’s mistake by becoming the second American President to deploy or detonate the nuclear bomb, this time on North Korea.

Republicans have elected a man who openly emulates and praises dictators like Vladimir Putin. He made it clear he would want to be like them if he had his way. Republicans elected a man who tweets in the early hours of the morning and who has used tweeting as an instrument of policies and presidential orders. They elected a man who on Wednesday made good on his promise destroy the last vestiges of the Camp David Accord by unilaterally moving the capital of Israel to divide Jerusalem, thereby stroking the embers of fire and fury in the Middle East. Republicans have elected a man who has made his inexperienced son-in-law, Jared Kushner, the de facto Secretary of State to the United States through the backdoor.

The list goes on and on without end but Donald Trump is still there despite an abysmal approval opinion of only 33 percent or less. Republicans elected a man who has claimed that his own opinion or decision is all that counts and who has proclaimed most institutions of the fourth estate of the realm as “fake news” disseminators.

He has pointed accusing fingers at networks like CNN and print media like the highly respected New York Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal, to mention a few.

What atrocity, in less than one year in office, has this President not already committed? The list is inexhaustible. The greatest loser in this entire saga has to be the Republican Party and the clear winner has to be Vladimir Putin who now has the American President in his pocket and dictating to him what he must do or not do.  Whoever thought that the whole world is going to turn 180 degrees for America and that Donald Trump is on his way to becoming the Mikhail Gorbachev of American Politics right under our eyes, and Americans appear totally helpless and clueless to do something about it.

It is a complete outrage and totally incredible!

I rest my case.