The managing Director of IPI Solution, Adamu Garba II, whose ambition is to become Nigeria’s president in 2019 has said that he would make Nigeria a more economic viable country if elected into office.

Adamu, who spoke to SaharaTV in an interview also disclosed how he would be solving some major challenges the country has been facing like gunmen suspected to be Fulani herdsmen who has been killing farmers, the militancy in the Niger Delta and the constant fuel crisis.

I’ll Turn Nigeria’s Six Geopolitical Zones To Nine Economic Zones - Presidential Aspirant I’ll Turn Nigeria’s Six Geopolitical Zones To Nine Economic Zones - Presidential Aspirant

Adamu stated that he would strategically change the country from its current six geopolitical zones into nine economic zones while adding that Nigerians should see the country as a marketplace where buying and selling of goods and services can be done freely. He also lamented how post-colonial leaders were more concerned about powers than improving on the economic endowment of the country.

“We need to redefine the principle of the country and understand that if we make this country a marketplace, where people can buy and sell to each other freely, where there is a free flow of goods and services; I believe Nigerians would have more reasons to be happier and to stay stronger together,” he added.

On how he would combat the frequent fuel crisis, Mr. Adamu expressed that he would privatize the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and further said that though NNPC would be run by private individuals, it would represent the country and serve as a source of more money making institution for the country.

He maintained that background check would be done on whoever shows interest in investing in the petroleum industry. This he said was necessary because nothing of such was done on those who electricity companies and that was what led to the poor state of electricity in Nigeria.

Adamu said, “NNPC is supposed to be one of biggest Nigeria strategic and diplomatic asset, we need to think NNPC like a big, state-owned enterprise that should be able to further Nigeria’s interest globally. NNPC should completely be run by the government but privately managed, put it on stock exchange and allow private people to buy it.

“By doing this, there will be no reason any labor organization would go and protest, there would be no reason any marketer would determine whether oil should be imported into the country or not because it is simply clear that this is now a profit-making organization and it should be defined by demand and supply regulation.” He explained.

Speaking on the recent killings by Fulani herdsmen which mostly occur as a result of clashes with farmers Adamu indicated that if elected, he would combat the clash by providing ranch for herdsmen and introduce a peace treaty which would be signed by herdsmen and farmers.

Hear him, “If you go deeply into the herdsmen and farmer issue, you would see that the root cause of this is economics. You need to make sure to create a pathway for the herdsmen by defining a ranch, concentrate them in ranches as they don’t need to be moving around. When you put them in ranches, make sure there is an availability of grasses and water.

“After this he would invite them (herdsmen and farmers) to Aso Rock and make them sign a peace treaty and define it clearly that whoever violates any of the treaties, we are going to respond with the full force of the law.”

He condemned President Buhari’s system of sending Police to Benue asserting that the police would create another cycle of violence.

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