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Miyetti Allah Is A Privileged Terrorist Organization, Rights Activist Slams Buhari Over Handling Of Fulani Herdsmen Killings

Human rights activist, Mark Adebayo has condemned President Muhammadu Buhari over his inability to arrest and prosecute members of Miyetti Allah despite their continuous killings across the country.

The call for the arrest of Fulani herdsmen under the auspices of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) rose after the killings by some herdsmen at Logo and Guma local government of Benue state where over 50 people were killed.

Comrade Adebayo maintained that Miyetti Allah is a terrorist organization that is being emboldened by the President to perpetrate heinous act in the country. He further said that the Inspector General of Police deployed to Benue state cannot arrest any herdsmen because the president is a member of their association.

“It is a blackmail to call them herdsmen, they are criminals and terrorists. The unfortunate thing is that we have a President that not only allows but encourages these criminals. The federal government of Nigeria has emboldened the nomadic terrorists and there is no one single individual of this nomadic terrorists today either in custody or in the court of law answering to their crimes”

“Whole towns, villages and local governments are being destroyed and marauded by this nomadic terrorist and if we don’t quickly find a means to destroy this onslaught, what is staring us in the face is another Rwanda and Burundi.” He added.

Adebayo, speaking further lamented that President Buhari deceived Nigerians into believing he is a corrupt-free person, however, he is promoting corruption in his administration.

Questioning President Buhari competency, Adebayo asked how the President’s son, Yusuf Buhari, was able to afford five million naira to purchase a power bike and why he still has a Chief of Army Staff who has properties in Dubai in his administration.

He labelled the Fulani Association as a ‘privileged terrorist organization’ because the President is protecting them.

He explained that Miyetti Allah is a privileged terrorist organization because the sect has killed more Nigerians than Boko Haram in its first year and has been rated as the fourth most dangerous terrorist organization in the world.

“Miyetti Allah is a privileged terrorist organization in Nigeria, the President protects those that he believes do his bidding. If you are sincere, as a president, you would not allow your people to be slaughtered like an animal. These same people went to Abia state last year (2017), kill so many people, rape women and that has been their trademark.” Adebayo posited.

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Miyetti Allah Is A Privileged Terrorist Association, Buhari Won’t Touch Them - Mark Adebayo

Adebayo maintained that since Buhari became the President of Nigeria, the killings by herdsmen increased drastically and beyond control knowing that the President, who is their kinsman, would protect them.

“What we have seen is that it has exacerbated, immediately Buhari came in, immediately he won the election, cows have invaded all sacred places including schools. You can’t have a president who is a herdsman and expect him to do anything; he won’t do anything because ab initio, he encourages them to do that.”

He then urged state governors to do more in protecting lives and properties in their states. He asserted that, according to the constitution, the first duty of any government is to ensure lives and property are protected and this must be maintained by state governors.

“You are not worthy to be a governor of any state if you cannot defend your people as the constitution clearly states that you are the chief security officer of your state, any other provision of the constitution is subsumed under that.

He also urged the people to defend themselves if it is very clear that the government, whether at the federal or state level has abdicated its responsibility to guarantee the security of lives within its government.