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The Insidious Nature Of Ignorance By Ajayi Ifeoluwa Love

February 4, 2018

Five Students Rusticated for Leading a Peaceful Protest in UNIBEN?

It amazes me, beats me hollow and drags me in the mud as a student in this clime whenever our Professors perpetrate idiocy and opprobrious infamy and are even happy doing such. They're bereft of any iota of idea and skills required to manage the teeming and vast population of young, naive and agile youths that are in the higher institutions. 

They marvel at the mention of 'protest', peaceful or radical. They find it a herculean task to decipher and differentiate a peaceful protest from a radical one. These are people who would didactically throw shabby criticisms at the youths for being lackadaisical, unserious, passive and unworthy. 

Let me say, without mincing word that our educational system in Nigeria is the best. Very unique and fascinating. Everything about it is different and alluring - ranging from our exponential increase in research to the conducive environments provided by the government. What is obtainable in the saner clime we chastise and rebuke vehemently in our own clime. Peaceful protests are to propel positive changes in any place where common sense reigns and rules. But here, it's a means to throw some infamous stunts by our so-called wise men (Vice-chancellors, Provosts, Rectors). In our own clime, every Protest, be it peaceful or otherwise must be followed with mass rustication of the perpetrators. According to them, they've mastered everything about life, they are never fallible and can never make mistakes. Whatever they do, which are more often than not, derogatory to logic, must be considered right.

To repress and subdue the dogged young ones is one of their achievements. It happened in UI, UNILAG, OAU and others where students are unjustly rusticated for voicing out their grievances. Insurrection they tagged it. What a travesty! 

All these are what makes our educational system the best of all. No sane country could have matched this feat. I'm wowed and I'm humbled to have passed through this system.. A skewed system, ruled by septuagenarians and gifted with such a balanced and lenient educational system. This is a mouthwatering combo!!!


My little advice to the undergraduates, please and please, desist from peaceful protests and agitations. If your hostels are poorly managed, shut the fuck up; if your tuition fee is massively reviewed upwardly, shut the fuck up; if the school management is making things worse for you guys or you're not getting the basic entitlements you deserve, shut - the - fuck - up

By so doing, you'd preserve our country's impeccable legacy; our identity and what we're known for - the best country in the world with the most fascinating educational system that stifles development, self-discovery, and human rights...

My heartfelt prayer and support goes to the Comrade Sankara and other rusticated comrades in UNIBEN. I hope, and I'm sure the NANS would do the needful...

Remember, "If there is no justice for the people, let there be no peace for the government."

This sagacious display of patriotism by the Chancellor of Vices, F.F.O Orunwense is highly commendable. That's what a sane, wise and keen-sighted leader and a professor should do at this crucial time - expel his subjects for doing what's right.

NANS And others MUST do the needful.


-Ajayi Ifeoluwa