Operatives of the Inspector-General of Police Intelligence Response Team (IGP-IRT) have arrested six kidnappers responsible for the abduction of Mr. Nemi Adoki, a businessman and CEO of Menakeb Limited, last December, and the killing of one Mr. Maikano Abdullahi.

Recovered from the suspects were two pump action rifles.                              

Adoki was released after 21 days, following a payment of N9million ransom. He was kept in captivity in the Creeks of Akuku-Toru LGA of Rivers State.          

According to the Police, the kidnappers were arrested between 15 January and 2 February from locations in Rivers and Bayelsa states. Nigerian mobile police unit                        

The arrested suspects are Justice Timothy 22; Akpos Livinus, 33; Daniel Allen, 27; Kelvin Alpheus, 30; David Abak, 29; and Tekena Silva, 26.                    

According to the Police, Timothy, the gang leader, is proficient in the use of AK 47. He is alleged to have killed Maikano Abudullahi and was in charge of negotiations for the release of Mr.Adoki. He got N1.8million out the ransom.  

Livinus, revealed the Police, was the coordinator of the gang's operations. He made arrangements for weapons used in the operation and found where their victim was held in the creeks. He got N1.2milion. Allen, said the Police, featured in kidnap and negotiations, efforts that got him N1 million. 

For Alpheus, his job was cooking and running errands for the gang and hostages. He was rewarded with N400,000, half of what was paid to Abak, driver of the operational vehicle used for the kidnap. 
Silva, who Mr. Adoki sacked as his driver, was paid N1 million for identifying his former boss as having high ransom value.                    

The Police disclosed that a member of the gang is still at large and efforts are being made to arrest him.

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