Newly registered political party, Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party, reacting to the controversy trailing the abduction of some 94 school girls at Dapchi, Yobe state, said that President Buhari is allowing politics to influence his decision on the missing girls.

In a statement signed by the party spokesperson, Sesugh Akume, the party insisted that Buhari has a duty of telling Nigerians the truth at all times and should not handle a national matter with politics especially when lives of people are involved.

The statement partly reads, “We urge the APC government to learn and endeavour to be factual and truthful at all times. It is a duty they owe the Nigerian people and the oath they swore to on assumption of office. Open, honest communication creates more understanding and carries everybody along. Not everything should be about politics, most especially when the lives of schoolchildren are involved.”

The party also stated that Buhari is toeing the same path former President Goodluck Jonathan did when Boko Haram kidnapped over 200 girls at Chibok in 2014. Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party  

He further faulted the president for denying the kidnap of the students and also lying to the whole world that some of the girls have been released.

“Firstly, there has been the living in denial and false declaration of the end of the insurgency and conquest of the Boko Haram terrorists. Secondly, came denials of any abduction of schoolgirls and misrepresentation of the facts. Then news of a purported rescue of the schoolgirls (even when it was maintained that there was no abduction in the first place. How can there be a rescue when there was no abduction?)”

“After the parents went public that there was no evidence of their daughters, the APC government conceded that none was rescued after all. This exact same progression happened with the Chibok schoolgirls in 2014, 112 remain missing.” ANRP expressed.

ANRP urged Nigerians to solidarize with the families of the girls and keep supporting the school until the missing girls are brought back safe and alive.

The party demanded that the federal government should not abandon the community and also take further steps by providing the exact number, names and images of the students kidnapped.

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